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We have received numerous complaints from the Muslim public about certain restaurants and diners that are "fully licensed", serving alcohol on their premises, and yet claiming their food to be Halaal.

A few of these "Halaal" restaurants, when telephoned, did not hesitate to say that they also serve pork as a dish.

Another restaurant owner said that he was Jewish and he advertised the Halaal sign without any reservations.

The Imam Ahmed Raza Academy wishes to bring to the attention of the Muslim public the following:-

1. We do not regard the food that is served in a restaurant in which there is also alcohol being served as being Halaal. The very fact that Islamic Commandments warn Muslims not to even enter a place where alcohol is served, let alone consume it, will clear all doubt about the food being Halaal because the alcohol and the "Halaal" food cannot be together or be served from one place. As for those restaurants that allow one to bring one's own wine and at the same time say that their food is Halaal, Muslims should not patronise such restaurants.

2. The same law will apply if the restaurant serves Halaal food and at the same time offers pork or some Haraam products on its menu. As pork is completely forbidden, Muslims should not patronise such restaurants.

3. Jewish restaurant owners, who are freely using the Halaal sign when advertising are misleading the public. Muslims remain doubtful about the method of slaughter by the Jews and the actual recitation at the time of slaughtering of the animal to render it Halaal. Muslims must eat from Muslim-owned restaurants that they are sure of and do not have any doubt.

4. It is often seen that large chain supermarkets or even smaller outlets mixing Halaal products with non-Halaal products in their fridges or freezers. Muslims are requested not to buy such products from the freezers. Make your complaint and protest heard to the managers.

The Imam Ahmed Raza Academy also wishes to notify the Muslim public that it does not issue Halaal certificates.