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Numerous Christian missionary organizations spend millions of dollars each year in attempting to convert Muslims throughout the world to Christianity. South Africa is no exception.

Despite all their concentrated efforts, Christian missionary organizations have never experienced any significant success in converting Muslims. Part of their new strategy is to indoctrinate non-Christians into Christianity while allowing converts to keep those aspects of their culture and religion that do not clearly contradict Christian teachings. How do they do this?

Christian missionaries are encouraged to conform to Islamic dress norms. By blending into the Muslim community, it becomes easier for missionaries to preach their anti-Islamic message. In many Muslim countries they also have "Jesus Mosques" that are built similar to our masaajids. The Islamic form of prayers involving physical prostrations are allowed to continue. The weekly congregational prayers are moved from Sunday to Friday afternoons. The Church even encourages fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadaan. The two Islamic Eid days are celebrated and acknowledged by Christians as special Christian holidays. Missionaries also attempt to persuade Muslims that the Holy Quran itself states that Jesus (alaihis salaam) is the son of God. (Ma'azallah).

What Christian missionaries are actually doing is simplifying the process of conversion to such an extent that the masses of uneducated Muslims will find this completely misleading and distorted form of Christianity acceptable.

As a community of believers we can no longer afford to tolerate illiteracy and lack of proper Islamic knowledge. Without the basic ability to read, many of our Muslim brothers and sisters may fall sway to the illusionary appeal of the Christian missions. The Muslim Ummah must be continually strengthened and educated in both the eternal Truth of Islam and utter falsehood of Christianity.

Educating Muslims about Christianity will not only allow us to defend Islam, but will also enable us to spread the message of Islam among the Christians themselves.