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[These are excerpts from the Memorandum presented by Dr. Shakeel Ahmad of the Islamic Relief Committee Gujarat (IRCG) to the National Minorities Commission, New Delhi]

Following the Godhra incident within a span of 24 hours more than 125 Mosques and other places of religious importance situated in different parts of Gujarat were attacked and desecrated by the rioters. This also shows that it was a pre-planned act, as it is humanly impossible to gather the information of the Mosques and other places of religious importance in the remote areas, villages, towns and the cities in the entire state of Gujarat. The rioters responsible for the act are the members of VHP & BD who have not merely damaged and desecrated the places of worship but also communicated so with graffiti on the walls of the religious places claiming to be an act of “Ram Sevaks”.

The Mosques and other places of religious importance have been demolished, desecrated and converted into temples. Moreover, where a Mosque namely Madina Masjid at Paldi-bhatta and tomb namely of noted poet and Saint Haji Vali Gujarati at Shahibaug Underbridge were abutting on the road. They have been razed down and tar roads have been laid over them. Till date neither the local body being the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation nor the State Government have accepted the liability or responsibility for the same. In such a situation, serious questions are raised as to who carried out the work without help and patronage of the local bodies, the State and Central Government.

On account of the demolition, desecration of Mosques and other places of religious importance, which have been overnight converted into temples, at several places confrontation between both the communities has been created. In other words, hundreds of Babri Masjids have been created in the State of Gujarat. The State Government ought to have taken immediate action to restore status quo ante. However, as is evident, till date the State Government seems to be completely reluctant to take any action. Moreover, it appears that the State Government wants to continue with the prevailing state of affairs seriously prejudicing the religious and fundamental rights of the people of the minority community and also leaving several issues of confrontation between the communities for times to come. The same is also one of the most glaring examples of complete lawlessness and disruption of law and order machinery in the State, and it also depicts failure of the State and Central Governments in handling the situation. Hence, they are required to be asked to resign from the governance. (