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Had Islam been propagated like false sects through wealth and affluent power, then by now it would have retained no distinction between truth and falsehood. Islam retained this distinction in the beauty of its message; its high moral standards; and in its vigorous promotion of equality and service to mankind.

Certainly, the procedures of propagation involves the expenditure of an enormous degree of sincerity, together with wealth in the Name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

It would have been so much better if local Da'wah Organisations planned to channel their funds in support of existing Da'wah institutions in an effort to strengthen such movements and spread the light of Islam in Africa and abroad. The moral and financial support of Islamic countries could be used to create in our youth greater moral and spiritual values so that they, as our future leaders, are geared to fight off the influential effects of materialism and western culture.

Even in a place like America, which is rife with materialistic values and moral depravity, Tableegh or Islamic propagation had been successfully conducted by the Ulema and spiritual personalities who have had no financial support from Islamic governments. Their only support was their own sincere efforts, a deep-rooted love and knowledge of Islam and the basic principles of Truth in Islam.

Muslims are an integral part of this society in which they live. Now that the South African society has undergone great transformation and change, those who are sincere in propagating Islam should consider their methods and manners which are presently being used to further their objectives of spreading Islam. Since the circumstances surrounding the Muslims of South Africa are very different compared to those in Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries, our method of the propagation Islam in South Africa should have its own "distinctive flavour".

To employ a Da'wah programme that may seem suitable in a certain country may not have the same desired effect in another country. The importation of "foreign" methods of propagation in South Africa is now becoming questionable and evidently being controlled by the purse string of Saudi and Iranian agencies. This has led some Muslim Da'wah workers to turn a blind eye to the situation in their own country. Their hard-lined and somewhat fanatical effort in propagating the Deen of Islam has received widespread criticism and has brought about more disunity and hate for Islam.

Many great Muslims, like His Eminence, Hadrat Moulana Mohammed Abdul Aleem Siddique and Hazrat Soofie Saheb (alaihimur rahmah) have played a tremendous role in the field of Islamic missionary work, and it is hoped that those who are entrusted with this responsibility look for enlightened leadership and re-assess their methods of Islamic propagation. They should create a society that looks towards Muslims for guidance and towards Islam as a solution to all their problems.