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The Internet offers numerous Islamic web-sites that are easily accessible to a Muslim and especially to the youth who are searching for information from other sources throughout the world. However, while this system of retrieving information and learning has its rewards, it can be damaging, confusing and misleading in many ways to those youth who are very gullible and have little knowledge about Islam.

While many Islamic web-sites caters for those learned Muslims who are busy in research, to use the sites to study and learn about Islam without the assistance of a teacher or instructor can be very damaging to one's Imaan. Further, now that many false sets, such as the Qadiani, Shi'as, Bahais, Wahabis, Ghair Muqallids, etc. are on the Internet propagating their false beliefs under beautifully designed logos, this danger of being misled is even more amplified.

The best way to Islamic Studies is the old way, and that is, through authentic books and through the guidance of a learned Uztaaz. The very presence and interaction of students with a learned Uztaaz has a great spiritual and reformative advantage with today's computer science and the Internet fails to offer.