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Israel has maintained an illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Palestinian territories) for 35 years, imposing 'closures' and 'curfews' to control where they go and when, while maintaining control over the natural resources, exploiting Palestinian labour, and prohibiting indigenous economic development. What is happening in Palestine today is unacceptable to Muslims. The Israeli military (IDF) the third or fourth most powerful military in the world is using its tanks, Apache helicopter gunships, and F-16 fighter jets (all subsidized by the U.S.) against a population that has no military and none of the protective institutions of a modern state. Palestinians civilians are being mercilessly attacked day and night while they can only protect themselves with stones and small weapons. All of this, Israel tells its citizens and the international community, is for 'Israeli security'. The reality, not surprisingly, is that these policies have resulted in a drastic increase in attacks on Israel. These attacks are then used as a pretext for further Israeli incursions into Palestinian areas and more violations of Palestinian human rights none of which makes Israeli civilians more secure; all of which further entrenches Israel's colonial apartheid regime. It seems that the Israelis are in a process of “ethnic cleansing” in Palestine - to wipe out the Palestinians completely. Without a proper news service, we ourselves do not know to what extent Muslims are being massacred.

Muslims are requested to make sincere Du’a for Allah’s help to the people of Palestine and the granting of victory and safety for our brothers and sisters who are defending themselves and Masjidul Aqsa from the Israeili Zionist. May Allah Ta’ala grant victory to the Mujadideen! Ameen.