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The "Historical Khutba" (as it is called) of Sheikh Huzaifi, the Imam of Masjid-un Nabawi, has been published in many languages and widely publicised in the Muslim Community. It is also available on the Internet as well.

Alhamdulillah, the truth about the Wahabi government of Saudi Arabia has finally emerged from the lips of their very own appointed Imam whom they regarded in high esteem. In fact, many years ago, when the Ulama of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah openly announced and published the false beliefs of the Wahabi government and exposed them for their co-operation with the enemies of Islam, this very same government, in order to create a false perception about themselves and to hide their true "false" beliefs, financed many Deobandi aligned organisations locally and abroad to promote the aims and objectives of the Wahabi government and to also hide their strong association with the enemies of Islam, the Jews and Christians.

Sheikh Huzaifi's "historical" Khutba has definitely raised a "storm in the tea cup." Now, the very same Deobandi Ulama and organisations who used to vehemently rejected the bold stance made by the Sunni Bareilwi Ulema and it's leaders and blindly defended the Wahabi movement, are now making an issue of Sheikh Huzaifi's Khutba and applauding him for attacking the un-Islamic Saudi-Wahabi regime and their masters, the Jews and Christians. Well, it is rather too late!

It is also worth noting and indeed surprising that now that the funding of many local Deobandi aligned organisations is diminishing, these organisations are "secretly" smearing the name of the Saudi-Wahabi government after observing years of deafening silence, while the Sunni Bareilwi Ulama took up the struggle of exposing the Wahabi government and their false beliefs. Unfortunately, this voice of Haqq was suppressed by the wealth and power of the Saudi government.

The Sunni world is watching very closely the next step of the Wahabi government and we will not be surprised to see Deobandi aligned organisations and their Ulama changing their stance after the Saudi-Wahabi government brandishes it's petro-dollars once again! If they are on Haqq, which they repeatedly claim, they must openly condemn the Saudi-Wahabi government and their false beliefs! This would truly be historical!