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Muslims are the new Jews of the world! Not because they have power. But because, although 1.5 billion in number, they have become a hated and dehumanised people subject to waves of genocide.

This is not a hypothesis, it is reality. However, this contemporary Holocaust of Muslims is unique for two reasons; firstly, the victims of this genocide are universally believed to be the perpetrators of violence and hatred. Secondly, even the majority of the victims (Muslims) are unable, or unwilling, to recognise their own plight.

Here are some recent glimpses of this new reality. In the 1990's we saw for the first time, images of emaciated Bosnian Muslims in concentration camps. The images disguised a much more grotesque humiliation and killing of Muslims. Over 300,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered and many buried in mass graves; 50,000 women were raped and 1000 mosques destroyed. In one massacre alone, under the so-called Dutch UN protection force in Sebrenica 7000 boys and men were shot in cold blood and buried in a field.

This genocide was repeated in Kosova, where Muslims were deliberately referred to as ethnic Albanians in order to mask their identity.

During the Gulf War against Iraq, bloodthirsty American soldiers roasted to death (with air power) a surrendered and retreating Iraqi army. A modern nation was reduced to the Stone Age. Since the end of the war 1.2 million Iraqi civilians including 500,000 children have been killed by Western economic sanctions. In Chechnya, a whole country of Muslims was demolished, buildings, electricity supplies, water, sanitation, trees and 200,000 civilians killed. We all watched it on our screens didn't we? Not once but twice, in 1996 and 1998. Every boy over 10 was put in “filtration” read concentration camps.

In Palestine, Lebanon and Kashmir, the Nazi Israelis and Indians have demolished the infrastructure through collective punishments turning whole areas into large concentration camps. The people of these camps are habitually subject to regular killing raids, using the latest military technology. In Kashmir, 75,000 innocent people have been slaughtered.

These are the killings we witness daily on our screens. Then there are those we do not see. The merciless killings of Muslims in China and Indonesia, Burma and many other countries.

And everywhere we look, whole populations of Muslims are in refugee camps. Or rather, reservations, just like those of the Red Indians, Aborigines and African slaves. In these reservations the last remnants of Muslim family life and culture are attacked by missionaries of all kinds, working hand in glove with aid agencies and NGO's.

The Muslim Holocaust has entered a new phase post September 11. The merciless attack upon an innocent Afghan nation with the most terrifying bombs, leading to 12000 civilians being killed. It is difficult for us to imagine the sheer terror of the sounds of bombs bursting people's eardrums and the sight of limbs flying through the air. I am informed that many of those that have survived and witnessed this terrorism, now require psychiatric help. A Canadian team is also investigating the effects of depleted uranium-tipped bombs dropped on civilians in Afghanistan.

As if the humiliation of Muslims in Camp X-ray was not enough, we now see more pictures of emaciated Taliban prisoners in camps in Afghanistan. In Bosnia, 350 mainly Arab Mujahideen, residents of Bosnia are snatched unlawfully by American forces and taken to Cuba. All those in Cuba will be sent to their countries of origin, so they can be silently exterminated. American and allied forces now behave like members of the Third Reich routinely picking up Muslims without cause, without access human and civil rights. In the United States over 1200 Muslims are still unlawfully detained, because they are Muslims and the Gestapo style military tribunals have been established to liquidate Muslims where there is no evidence.

Reports into last summer's riots in Britain were also part of this new Crusade against Muslims. Comments by British Ministers must be seen in this light. The demonisation of Muslims is now such, that anything can and is being done to us. In Gujarat, up to 3000 Muslims were slaughtered, without an outcry. Around the world, Muslim civilians are being exterminated like cockroaches. Yet ironically, the world cries out about the supposed rise in anti-Semitism and tries to equate it with the rise in Muslim hatred and genocide. Imagine what the cry would be if 2000 Jews were incarcerated without rights or trial.

The West's armies are everywhere in our lands, not vice versa. These New Crusaders are just like the old ones. They loot our wealth; they occupy our lands, even our holiest lands. They lecture us on how to live and even how we should die. Their propaganda machine, more sophisticated than that of any totalitarian regime, tells us how to think. They even define our religion for us. But this time, there is not a Muslim army in sight. So the Muslim Holocaust continues unabated. (Jahangir Mohammed Director Centre For Muslim Affairs. For Ummah News)