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The founder of the Idara Minhaajul Qur'aan, Professor Taahir Saahib, who is incidentally also the Patron of the Pakistaan Awaami Tahreek, at the inception of his mission presented himself as a Sunni-Hanafi "Bareilvi". He first caught the eye during the commemoration of YAUM-E-RAZA held under the auspices of the ANJUMAN TULAABA-E-ISLAAM in the vicinity of Jang and Lahore. Initially, the Ulama and Awaam of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jama'at were immensely pleased with his lectures as they were in accordance with the Mazhab-e-Haqq. Subsequently, after befriending the wealthy Hajee Mia Muhammad Shareef and his sons Muhammad Nawaaz Shareef and Muhammad Shabaaz Shareef he acquired the medium of television which he used most extensively to his advantage. Thereafter. he published and distributed widely, pamphlets entitled "Naa Baaligh-e-Asr" in which he unashamedly presented his credentials.

After gaining public recognition, his interviews with tabloids and newspapers became ever so frequent. It was during this period that the Sunni Ulama and the Sunni masses of Pakistaan became aware that the Professor whom they were assisting in creating platforms for, was in fact foisting a New Sect in Islam. Whilst the controversy raged during the issue of "Diyat", he attempted to solicit the support of "modern and broad-thinking" women by deceiving them that the "Diyat" for men and women was equal. It was during this period that the hidden agenda of the Professor was becoming more and more transparent which compelled the prominent Ulama to publicly condemn him as MISGUIDED AND ASTRAY and declared him out of the folds of the AhIe Sunnat wa Jama'at. It is truly disturbing to note the extent to which this Professor went merely to acquire the support and recognition of the public.

In order to widen this support and recognition he even went so far as to relate a "dream" to an assembly in which he purports that the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) had stated to him that he was disappointed with all the institutes and Ulama in Pakistaan except the Professor and his Movement. He further claimed that the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was prepared to visit him for one week only and he must play host to him, and the purchase of a two-way air ticket from Madinah Munawwara to Lahore for the Holy Prophet, was the responsibility of the Professor.

After suffering humiliating defeats in the field of Politics (an area in which he entered through another "Prophetic dream") he then publicly announced his resignation from the Political arena. It is indeed sad to note that Mia Nawaaz Shareef, a staunch supporter of the AhIe Sunnat wa Jama'at cause in Pakistaan and supporter of Professor Taahir Saahib as well, was so disappointed when he realised that he was deceived and hoodwinked by the Professor that he immediately dumped him in disgust and disappointment. This tragic incident caused an exodus of supporters to desert him.