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If you attempt to co-ordinate the various things, which I have described about Tableeghi Jamaat so far, you are bound to face tremendous difficulty.

You will say that the speeches heard during the Tableeghi Jamaat congregations contain reformative aspects and the hard and fast rules of Islam are discussed. They avoid expressing their ideas on religious differences and the problems of beliefs, during these meetings. The last thing you can do is to accuse them of changing the religion of someone.

I say, that this is the policy of Tableeghi Jamaat and not its object. After failing to differentiate between policy and objectives one can be deceived by many such Jamaats, not only by Tableeghi Jamaat. Even the most dangerous group never confesses that its aim is to change the religion and faith of other people.

The words of preaching are always charming, alluring and free of ambiguity. You have the right to ask one question here. Apart from its policy is there any other aim or objective of Tableeghi Jamaat? If so, then it must be stated explicitly as to what it is and how will they achieve it. I recommend you to read the following discussion to get a reasonable answer to this question.


The top secret of the activities of Tableeghi Jamaat, which has been hidden up to now is that its preachers never exhibit during general congregations that they have come out to change the religion and faith of Muslims at large.

But, truly, the actual field of their hunting is that Tableeghi Gasht (rounds) in which they accompany other simple Muslims to villages and cities and make them wander here and there. This is the reason why its preachers everywhere emphasize in their speeches, that people should accompany them during these Tableeghi Gasht. ‘Walking and Visiting’ is actually a special slogan of Tableeghi Jamaat, and it is so important that if people in a certain congregation are not convinced to accompany them for Tableeghi Rounds, they call that meeting a failure.

They attach so much importance to physical movement that during the course of travel a man is totally detached from his own world or environment, and begins to rely on those people who are his fellow travelers. And to convince any person, this is the best time, where leisure and opportunity is available. Hence, at the very first step of the tour the idea of a disciple-like religious attachment with the Leader (Amir) of the Jamaat is imposed on the person so that none of the co-travelers are mentally free from the captivity of their religious environment.

In this manner, in the very first meeting, like a trust-worthy Murshid (Spiritual Leader), all the control of the program and the hobbies of the companions are transferred to the Ameer. Now this group of the faithful servants, reaching a populated area stays in a Mosque of their choice. After making rounds of the inhabited area, when this group returns, an advisory meeting is held (Mashwara), in which no outsider participates. This is a very delicate moment of attacking the minds and ideas from which it is very difficult for a man to escape.


From this very place the old workers of Tableeghi Jamaat start their action of ‘brainwashing’. Brain-washing is a technical term, which means that any new person should be changed to this extent mentally, that he may remain attached to the Jamaat only, detaching himself from everyone, and he must disassociate himself from everything of his past to adopt into the mental environment of the Jamaat.

This action of brainwashing gradually moves forward. At the end of a journey again certain new people are initiated for a long journey. As a result of repeated rounds of preaching, the new people are strongly attached to the regional workers.

This relationship gradually brings one so close to Tableeghi Jamaat, that after some time to pass the Chilla (religious penance) of forty days, a caravan of simple Muslims marches towards the Center at Nizamuddin Delhi. Reaching there, they meet a group of artistic religious teachers (Ulema) of Tableeghi Jamaat under whose supervision and control they have to pass each moment of their days and nights. In a depressing environment of this mental training, everyday the world-wide progress and extension of Jamaat, the artificial piety of the Central Amir-e-Jamaat, the belief shaking explanations of the faith of the Unity of Allah, wrong interpretations of Polytheism (Shirk) and bad innovations (Bidah), and the desire-provoking descriptions of the dignitaries of Deoband, all these things influence the mind to the extent that ultimately they become the disciple of some ‘Sheik’ (Spiritual Guide), or they are initiated to become disciple. In this way they are made the mental-slaves of their Jamaat and its faith.

In the previous age, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Husain Ahmad, and Maulana Abdul Rahim Raipuri were the ‘Spiritual Guides’ (Sheikh) of the Jamaat, now-a-day Maulana Zakaria Saharanpuri is looking after this office. (Died ever since. This office is now probably occupied by one of their many ‘Hazratjies’, probably Moulvi In’Aamul Hassan).

After passing these hurdles, there is no need to explicitly spell out that you should change your religion, abandon your old beliefs, make your mind empty of the greatness and grandness of the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam), consider the Milad (Celebration of the Birth of the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the standing up for Salaam as Haraam acts, call the traditions of Khanqah as Shirk, and hate the religious shrines like the temples. Because of the new environments, automatically a man’s mind is changed to this extent that he abandons all these beliefs and traditions one by one, which are being interpreted as Polytheistic (Shirk) customs by Tableeghi Jamaat, and the most admonishing phase of the mental infidelity is that he never feels guilty at rejecting the well known religion and beliefs accepted centuries ago. On the contrary, he thinks that he has now achieved the true path of the religion after abandoning the life of Kufr, Shirk and Bidat.

This is the picture of the ‘Silent Murder’ of Tableeghi Jamaat in which not a single drop of blood trickles down, not even a spot of blood is observed on the edge of the sword, inspite of the fact that it has killed the religion and faith of millions of Muslims. And remember, this statement about the mysterious method of Tableeghi Jamaat is not my invention but the Central Amir, Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, has exposed this in one of his letters.

The letter, original copy of which is in my custody and whosoever desires, may examine it. Observe that letter below, but before doing so you may read that letter containing the question, in response to which he wrote the said letter.

A very important letter addressed to Amir Jamaat Maulana Mohammad Yusuf:

Respected Sir,

I have to bring to your kind notice that certain people in our circle are raising objections to the method of working in Tableeghi Jamaat and say that the workers of Tableeghi Jamaat, during their preaching emphasize more on the reformation of actions, they are not anxious, about the rectification of beliefs, when most of the Muslims of India (here you may substitute the name of your own country because the Shaitaans adopt the same pattern wherever they go!) have remained Muslims in name only.

After observing carefully we note that the major part of their lives is soaked in polytheistic traditions. We tried to pacify those critics so far as we could, but they were not satisfied. Now your honour must take the trouble to satisfy them yourself, giving us your most valuable time, so that the work of Tableeghi Jamaat may proceed forward with great zeal and fervour.

Yours Sincerely
Abdul Tauhid

Now go through the reply of Maulana Mohammed Yusuf, which exposed the secret of Tableeghi Jamaat on the crossroads.



Respected Sir,


I received your kind letter and have read the contents. The preaching work began by Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, he started this to invite not only Muslims of the World but also the entire mankind. (Strange! How many non-Muslims have they converted?) If you are aware of the basic principle of his work, then you will not face difficulty even for a moment. Objections are always raised but answering the objections raised against our work is an impediment, and when we answer the objection, we find that these people disassociate from us.

Our Missionary work is not only to promote pious deeds but primarily it is a movement to establish True Beliefs and Faith, and secondly, it is a movement for inculcating piety. Up till now we have learnt from past experience of 25 to 30 years, that by touching the ‘Polytheistic Customs’ and sins, people do not leave the sins and customs, but if they are asked to make rounds with the Jamaat and if the real requirement and interpretation of the Kalima Taiyyab is placed before them, they leave the customs and sins automatically. This is our experience how can we deny this?

We do not disturb controversial matters because we have to involve everyone on this work. These things are not to be written in a letter, they are understood only by living in the Center, therefore you are asked to send a group of enlightened people so that they may be able to comprehend the actual structure of the work done here, and engaging themselves in the work of Meerut and Meiwat learning the basic principles of the work they aim to carry on this work at their place.

With Best Wishes,

Madressah Kashiful Uloom,
Nizamuddin Delhi
Banda Mohammad Yusuf Afa Ahnu
With the pen of Mohammad Ashiq Ilahi


Now read a comment on the special sentences of this letter below:

1. "The work does not move forward by answering the objections, and when replied they dissociate from this work."

This is the first time we have heard that when queries are answered, people disassociate from the work of Tableeghi Jamaat. In any movement if satisfactory answers are given, people are more attracted and the activities grow faster, but here it is vice-versa. Now what can be the reason for this? When the secret of faith is exposed and what is hidden in the mind is spoken, then only the people who do not agree with it, disassociate from this work, otherwise if the objective and subjective aspects are one then there is no danger in expressing anything!

2. "Our Missionary work is not meant only for pious actions, but primarily it is a movement of True Belief. Secondly. it is a movement of pious action."

By repeating again and again the words ‘pious actions", at last the hidden term ‘Faith and Belief’ has come to the lips. Now consider that if it is a movement of True Faith, can one evade the aspect of beliefs. Therefore since according to Tableeghi Jamaat the beliefs of Muslims amount to no more than infidelity, polytheism, innovation and illegitimacy, then surely the work of their reform will include denouncing all Bidah otherwise the object of True Faith will never be fulfilled.

I must say at this point that this is their actual object! Then the statement of the Leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat ‘we have come forward to reform the actions and morals, we are not concerned with belief,’ is a gigantic bluff!!

To plunder a man by sprinkling dust in his eyes, is certainly a sinful action, but it is greater sin to plunder the faith of a Muslim by masquerading under the banner of piety.

"We have come to know after an experience of 20 to 25 years that the disturbing customs and sins are not easily abandoned, but if people are made to make rounds in Jamaats and if the actual requirement and interpretation of the Kalima is shown to them constantly then they leave these customs and sins automatically. This is our experience which we can never deny."


This is that silent method of changing the religion, which the people of Tableeghi Jamaat, hide as Top Secret. What does the writer of this letter mean by polytheistic customs? Meelad, Salaam, Qiyam, Fateha, Urs, Giyarwi Sharief, Eesalé Sawaab for the deceased after 3 days, 40 days, 1 year etc., going to the tombs of Aulia-Allah etc. are all interpreted by the Tableeghis as Shirk and those who believe in them are all Mushriks and Kaafirs. Hence they re-convert Muslims to Islam!

You will now understand the aim of making people wander from place to place in this Jamaat. As I have said before that this Tableeghi Round or Movement has no objective but that a true Muslim should be victimised and sent to a ‘rehabilitation center’ where they are subjected to Wahabi propaganda.

If after such explicit and clear explanation anyone expects any religious benefit from Tableeghi Rounds, then he is himself an enemy of his Faith and Religion. There is also another point to seriously consider. What is the real meaning of Kalima-e-Taiyyab, influenced by which ‘people leave all polytheistic customs automatically’, which they all along had been considering as the pre-requisites of Faith and Belief in Islam. Remember the danger is not with the recital of the Kalima but it lies in their concocted interpretation through which the beliefs of simple Muslims are changed.

"This is our experience, how can this be falsified." Observe the emphatical manner of this sentence. The meaning of the statement is that in the long period of 20 to 25 years, the method through which we defiled the faith of true believers, leaving that tried and tested method, why should we adopt such a path, which may reveal our secret, and we may not achieve our objective. Like an experienced and wise hunter, observe the correctness of their aim and target. Blood drips from every word. A close examination will show a heap of rotting corpses killed by deceptive Tableeghis, floating poison around, labelled as milk shake!


As far as diagnosing the shameful conspiracies of Tableeghi Jamaat against Iman and belief go, there are no more hurdles left. The head of Tableeghi Jamaat has revealed this secret.

What is our Duty now? Should we leave our simple people to fall prey to the snares of these religious hypocrites, or should we make them aware of the dangers of moving from door to door. Right from the ‘Tableeghi Rounds’ down to the Kalima and prayer, none of them has any link with that original Islam brought by the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam). These people take the name of religion only to exchange their self-made religion with yours.

The true believers must be aware that behind all this exhibition of Religion there is a snare, laid to trap the simple-minded Muslims. Bear in mind that for the upliftment of the true religion, doing Dawah and propagating Islam is an action worthy of reward, but to proceed even a step forward towards changing your correct beliefs is an open stride towards religious suicide.

"We do not disturb the controversial issue as we have to involve every one in this task." What do you understand by this statement? We deliberately avoid controversial topics and issues because our Prime Target is the Bidatee Group whom we wish to convert back to Islam. Really speaking the Bidatees are Kaafirs and Mushriks and if we interfere directly with Moulood and Salaam, then they will leave us at once! Let them join us first, then we can slowly change them! If we rush the issue and reveal our true identity that we are Wahabis, paid by Rabita and C.I.A. then they will go astray and leave our company!

The Leader of Tableeghi Jamaat has himself exposed the hidden reasons why they do not touch on controversial topics and do not attack the Sunni beliefs in their Ijtemas. We hope the readers will re-consider their established opinions, in the light of what has been stated.

"These things are not to be recorded in letters, they should be understood while staying at the Center." This sentence has exposed the entire sincerity of Religion. The thief of the heart is clearly visible via the picture created by the pen because obviously the talks of religion are not intimately secret relationships between husband and wife, which cannot be disclosed in letters. Therefore, behind all this Tableeg there is a criminal conspiracy and a dangerous plot. If the Policy of spreading Wahabism in the name of Islam is ever mentioned in writing, then the entire pretence and deception of Tableegh will be exposed in public.

"These things are comprehended by staying at the Center." This single sentence confirms this fact that the so-called Center of these people is the ‘hunting ground’ for these Wahabi wolves that attack the faith and beliefs of Muslims.

Now the question is also answered as to what that enchanting atmosphere of the Center of Tableeghi Jamaat is, where a person is able to understand everything. And when he comes from there he comes out empty-handed, all his wisdom having been plundered and he even sacrifices his best capital that is religion, on the alluring actions of the ‘Magicians’ of Najd.


At the end of my comment, simply because of our Islamic relationship, I wish to say that in order to comprehend the outward deception of Tableeghi Jamaat, extracts from the letter of Maulana Mohammad is quite sufficient. If you attach the absurd condition that ‘unless the murderer clearly reveals his intention to poison us, we will not regard him as dangerous’, then I am afraid to say that your condition is impossible. The biggest confidence trickster in the World will not reveal his true aim. He too will have to set up a bogus shop in order to trap customers.

In spite of these black and awful deeds of Tableeghi Jamaat not being hidden from those persons whose heads have been shaved in the Center, we are sorry to find them too in the rows of hunters today. However, the persons who have returned safely from the Center have told many stories about their magical deception and those tales have come to the knowledge of the outside World.


After exposing the secret affairs of Tableeghi Jamaat, namely, changing the religion and making the man mentally infidel and after reading the letter of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf there is no other document needed in this connection. In spite of it, I reproduce here the true copies of two letters received from Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi. One of the letters is from the famous writer Kwajah Hasan Nizami, and the other letter is from Pir Syed Zahoor Hasan Nizami, General Secretary, Jamaat Nizamia Dargah-e-Nizamuddin. Many years ago some Truth Seekers sent letters to the above named persons and wanted to know some things about Tableeghi Jamaat. In reply to those letters, both these letters were received. Read firstly the Questioner, so that you will know the nature of the question.


15th February 1954 Jamshedpur

Respected Sir,

We wish to state that a new group called Tableeghi Jamaat appeared a few years ago. Its founder was Maulana Mohammad Ilyas and now-a-days Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf, his son, is holding the office of Amir Jamaat (Leader of Party).

From about one or two years the influence of this Jamaat is spreading in Jamshedpur, and a few Imams of the Mosques are actively participating in this. Some time back a few Sunnis, holding true faith also joined Tableeghi Jamaat, and according to the program of this Jamaat these people also had to go to the Center at Basti Nizamuddin Delhi. Only after reaching the Tableeghi Markaz did they realise that these people have corrupt beliefs, besides being opponents of religious shrines, tombs of the friend of Allah (Aulia), Urs, Meelad, Salaam, Niyaz, etc. they then disassociated from Tableeghi Jamaat.

Since you are living close to the Center of Tableeghi Jamaat, you may be fully aware of their religious concepts or beliefs. Kindly inform us about the true position.


25th February 1954

Dear Friend,

I received your letter. It pleased me. Maulana Mohammad Ilyas used to study with me at Gangoh when his brother Maulvi Mohammad Yahya was doing educational work under the influence of Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. I received education from Maulana Mohammad Ismaiel, the father of Maulana Ilyas, from an early age of eight years.

This is correct that all these people are opponents of religious shrines, and also of Niyaz, and Urs etc. And since Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf assumed leadership of the Party, each Thursday mostly those people who are against the religious shrines frequent it. Therefore, one year ago nine people of Tableeghi Jamaat entered the Rauza Shareef of Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia wearing their shoes. This event created a fight and the police brought to me the wounded men and women of the parties and I worked out a compromise between them, otherwise both parties would have gone to jail. Although I am a student of this family, I am totally against their beliefs.

Yours Sincerely,
Hasan Nizami

Note: When Sunnis engage in Khatmul Quran or Zikr on Thursdays it becomes Bidah but when Tableeghi Jamaat visits its headquarters on Thursdays it is Sunnat I suppose?


Dear Friend,

Your kind letter was received by us. The Jamaat regarding which you have enquired, denies our Sufi Beliefs. This Jamaat considers the demolition of the shrines of the friends of Allah (Aulia) as a rewarding act. Moreover, it considers all the practices of Niyaz, Fateha, Milaad and Urs as illegitimate. To keep away from this Jamaat is quite necessary, otherwise their first principle is to mislead Muslims and to create disruptions in their beliefs, and they mislead people and also change their beliefs in the name of propagating Islam.

Yours Faithfully,
Syed Zahoor Hasan Nizami Azeezi


I wish to comment lightly on the above letters. The letter of Khwaja Hasan Nizami is worthy of confidence because he held a humble and a student-like relationship with this family, therefore his statement cannot be disputed.

And the confession of Kwaja Hassan Nizami: "Although I am a student of that family, yet I am totally against their beliefs", has exposed these confidence tricksters.

Obviously, a student will oppose the beliefs of his tutors after being convinced that they are corrupt. That portion of the letter of Khwaja Hasan Nizami is worthy of note, in which he has described the aggressive and violent steps of the Preachers of Tableeghi Jamaat, that they defiled the sanctity of Rauza-e-Paak (Religious Shrine) and were stubbornly violent as a result of which many people were wounded. Violence and murder seems to have become a way of life for the Tableeghis (Religious Terrorists?).

Stop here for a moment, and keep this incident in mind and, on the other hand, read the tyrannical actions of the Wahabis of Najd who demolished and defiled the shrines and graves of the family of the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) in the Holy Land of Hijaz, whose details have been mentioned in the previous pages. Surely your conscience is crying out that the Tableeghi Jamaat of India is also following the same path, the path through which the Barbaric Men of Najd have passed. If this is the behaviour of the audacious minds in poverty-stricken circumstance, Allah Forbid! if only the Tableeghi Jamaat obtains the resources of political power, then like in Hijaz they would not be reluctant to repeat the history of Karbala. In that case, Allah Forbid! they would wipe out shrines of Sufis, like Khwaja Ajmeri, Nizam and Qutub of Delhi, Sabir of Kalyar, Farid of Pak Patan, Data of Lahore, and many other Shrines and graves of the Friends of Allah (Aulias). (May peace be upon all of them!)


The existence of these Spiritual Centers of Love and Marifat of Allah (The Tombs of Aulia Allah) is a burden on the minds of certain unfortunate people. I do not wish to talk to them, but I would surely challenge the modesty and faithfulness of those people who regard these Holy Shrines as the Fountain Head of Spiritual contentment, and subjective enlightenment, that they should not wait for that hour which they will shed tears stained with their own blood! Wake up before it is too late!!

These days’ people are pouring into the camp of Tableeghi Jamaat in the name of Kalima and prayer. The History of Najd bears testimony that this very congregation will turn into an army of barbaric and ruthless tyrants after molding the circumstances in their favour. In that event our unfortunate eyes will have nothing to do except to drop tears of blood on the burning ashes of our hopes and desires, and we may weep bitterly at the deserted and desolated area of our beliefs and devotion. It is necessary before facing this black day, that we construct a dam wall against this storm, and must intelligently make a survey of the destructive activities of the enemy like a faithful guard of the Haram (Holy Place) of our Masters. It is dangerous negligence if you do not comprehend your enemy as a real adversary who has done no good.

The dangerous plans of the Tableeghi Jamaat are no more hidden due to ignorance, for us to remain naive. They have vomited everything in symbolic languages at the altar of the assassination of Faith and Devotion. They have made no bones about it that they wish to slaughter our Aqeeda (beliefs) under the pretext of Tauheed (Shaitaani Tauheed, which is devoid of the love and respect of Prophets and Saints. Remember Shaitaan refused to respect Hazrat Adam even at Divine command? He too was demonstrating a corrupt version of Tauheed as we see now days in the Tableeghis.)

Now for the safety of our religious future there is no other remedy except that we may propagate and convey this message to each Muslim openly, that Tableeghi Jamaat is not the group that can be called the servants of Islam, but is a band of parasites, plunderers of the faith, dressed in a white garb, which has emerged to make a surprise night attack, on the dear most capital of Allah’s Love and Marifat. Behind their artificial piety and artificial politeness is hidden an intention of the most despicable nature indeed! These people do not open their hearts clearly and speak like selfless advisers, but they remain always ready to hunt their prey like a cunning fox.


It is just possible that people may regard as religiously prejudiced, the statements given in the letters of Khwaja Hasan Nizami, and the General Secretary of Jamaat Nizamia, Dargah-e-Nizamuddin, Delhi, about the people of Tableeghi Jamaat that they do not tolerate religious shrines, Milad and standing posture (Qiyaam), Urs and Fateha etc. Therefore, I am giving below two religious verdicts of Ulema (religious leaders) of Tableeghi Jamaat, which will clarify the beliefs of Tableeghi Jamaat.

Read the script of Questions sent by a person from Jhaar Sokda, District, Simbalpur, and Orrisa.



What do the Ulema of Islam say about this problem? An Imam of a Mosque openly accuses the Leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat of falsely claiming that they are reforming Muslims because inspite of knowing, they do not apprehend the ignorant Muslim from performing polytheistic deeds like Milad, Salaam, Qiyaam, Urs, Gyarwee, Tija, Chehlem etc. Although members of Tableeghi Jamaat are the followers of Ulema-e-Deoband, according to whom these things border on Shirk.

What is the use of offering Salaah when there is an influence of polytheism in the heart instead of True belief. It seems that forced by circumstances, these people have been declaring these traditions as legitimate, Allah Forbid!

Therefore, we enquire from you that, is this accusation which is hurled at leaders like Hazrat Maulana Ilyas (Founder of Tableeghi Jamaat), Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, Hazrat Maulana Imran of Bhopal, Hazrat Maulana Ziauddin of Culcutta and on the Monotheistic personalities of these gentlemen, correct or not? Is his Imamat legitimate, according to Divine Law (Shariat) or not." (Rahim Bax, Hatri Bazar, Jhaar Sokda)


The saying of the said Imam (one who leads prayers) is wrong, the prayer behind him is Makrooh. If he does not offer Taubah (repentance), suspend him from Imamat and appoint another person who may lead the prayers. The Holy Quran says: "Call towards the path of your Lord with Wisdom and kind words. People working as preachers must be polite and consider every kind of reform." (Masood Ahmad, Naib Mufti, Darul Uloom Deoband, 2/5/72 (Hijra)


The hatred for Milad, Qiyaam, Urs and Fateha cannot be better displayed than this. Imagine, the person associating these functions with Tableeghi Jamaat does not even remain worthy of leading the prayers and if he does not repent from this great sin, then he must be dismissed from the service of Imamat (leading the prayers). Allah Forbid!!

Now as far as forbidding good deeds are concerned, they have confessed that Tableeghi Jamaat and their hunters are performing this duty very well. It is obvious from this religious verdict (fatwa) that if an Imam wishes to retain his Imamat job, he must necessarily regard the Tableeghi Jamaat as a group that condemns Milaad, Salaam, etc.


What is the ruling of the Ulema and Muftis of Islam on the following question? Are the following books "Taqwiatul Imaan", "Behishti Zevar", "Tahzirun Naas", "Baraheen Qatia", "Fatawa-e-Rashidia", true Islamic books or not?

A religious Scholar has told that these books are totally false. Since there are people under the influence of Tableeghi Jamaat, therefore he has further stated that the founder of Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, and Maulana Mohammad Yusuf are strictly against these books. Kindly inform us of the truth.

He went to the extent of saying that Gyarwee, uttering Ya Ghous, Ya Rasoolullah (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam), respectfully standing near the religious shrine, Teeja, Chehellum and Urs etc. are deemed as legitimate by these people because they do not stop their people from these practices.

This statement of Maulvi Sahib has badly confused those people who are presently active in Tableeghi Jamaat and are the ardent followers of the Ulema of Deoband. For Allah’s sake, leave all other work aside and clear the confusion before there is a split in our own camp.

Mohammad Yasin
Below is the reply, from Darul Ifta Department, of the reliable Dargah of Tableeghi Jamaat viz. Madressah Ameeniah, Delhi.


"Taqwiatul Iman", "Behishti Zevar", etc. all the aforesaid books are authentic and correct books on Islam. The authors of these books were religiously-minded scholars. The person who says that these books are false and untrue, is misguiding you. It is totally wrong that Maulana Ilyas (late), and Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf was against these books. They also admit that Gyarwee, Tija etc. are illegitimate customs. Both these gentlemen are followers of Maulana Ismail Shaheed, Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and Maulana Thanvi. (Mohammad Ziaul Haq Dehlavi, Madressah-e-Aminia Delhi)


Don’t forget that this is the same book "Taqviatul Iman" (Writer Maulvi lsmaiel Dehlavi) in which derogatory and insolent sentences against the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has been used, that after reading them, even their own followers have cried out in pain, needless to say how much it hurt the Sunnis. If you want to see the reaction to this audacious pen then read the following statement of Maulana Aamir Usmani, Editor, "Tajalli Deoband". Of course you are aware that Aamir Usmani is of the Deoband school of thought.

He writes: "I saw that Shah Ismaiel Shaheed has written under Chapter 3, "Evils of Shirk": ‘It is certain that every creature, small or great, is lower than a Chamár (cobbler), in comparison to the Glory of Allah.’ Does not this clearly mean that let alone the Sahaba and Aulia (friends of Allah), all the Messengers of Allah, including the Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam), are lower than a cobbler (Allah Forbid!!), before the Greatness of Allah? How dangerous is this manner of speech and how nerve wrecking are these words?" (Tajalli, Feb / March 1957)

Now listen to the admonishing of "Taqviatul Iman", which is enough to shock the Muslims. This book has destroyed the Unity of the Ummah, and is destroying Islam up to this day and Allah knows how long this will continue.

It is stated that when Maulvi Ismaiel Dehlavi completed his book, he called up a meeting of his friends at his place and presented "Taqviatul Iman" before them. Now read the anticipation and feelings of the author as reported in the highly authentic book of the Deoband School of Thought, viz. "Arwah-e-Salasa":

He writes: "And he said that I have written this book, and I know that at certain places I have used very harsh words and I have become violent e.g. I have written those things which were ‘minor polytheistic’ as ‘major polytheistic’ (i.e. that polytheism which discards a man from the folds of Islam)

I am afraid that on account of this there is bound to be chaos and protest after the publication of this book. If I lived here longer, I would have explained these subjects gradually, within a period of 8 to 10 years, but presently I am intending to go for Hajj, and after returning from there I am determined to go on a Jihad (Holy War), therefore I am unable to take up this task, and I can see that no other person will be ready to shoulder this burden, therefore I have written this book. Although it will create great opposition and violence, yet I expect that they will unite after fighting for sometime."(Arwah-e-Salasa, pp/8l)

The anticipated fear of violence proved true, but up to this day the matter has not been settled. I am astonished at the despicable and revolting attitude of the Deoband Molvis. They did not even pause a second to consider the consequences of deliberately poisoning the Ummah. How will they answer Allah on the Day of Qiyamah?

If, as the author confesses, he knew that the publication of this book would cause a split and division in the Ummah, what was the dire need to write this fitna-causing book in the first place? It is the height of irresponsibility to write such a book and topple the Ummah into a flaming pit of controversies!

The most thought-provoking aspect of this Qiyamat story is that even after witnessing the blazing Muslim Homes (through the ‘religious’ fire lit by Tableeghis and Deobandis) no effort has been made to extinguish the flames. On the contrary, the smouldering garden of Islam is being further fanned through the provocative pages of "Taqwiatul Iman" and a host of other inflammatory literature, circulating on a global scale. Whose interest are these Wahabi Molwis serving? Certainly not Islam! Islam unites, Tableeghis/Wahabis disunite!


In view of all the aims and objects and the pattern of approach adopted by Tableeghi Jamaat (documentary evidence of which have been furnished in preceding pages) is it not clear that it is an arrogant, respectless and a corrupt movement, masquerading under the guise of "Tableeghi", while the real intention is to relegate Muslims to a new "Cult". They too want to commit that very barbarism, which the Wahabis committed in Arabia. After so much evidence if you are still harbouring any emotional links with the Tableeghi Jamaat then I respectfully request you to impartially re-read and reconsider all the supplied evidence.

The Tableeghi Jamaat is in existence in India for the last 40 years. May I ask that in this long period how many non-Muslims have they converted to Islam? The answer is pretty obvious. In other words, even after spending billions of Rupees on Ijtemas, Gasht and Chillas no real significant achievement is evident, with the exception of Fitna, disunity, enmity and dividing the Ummah worldwide!

How many Muslims were introduced to real piety, honesty and a meaningful fear of Allah? On the contrary, let me say that far from injecting any piety into the Muslim society the truth is that the Ummah is worse off than they were 50 years ago! You may say that through the efforts of the Tableeghi Jamaat we now see many mosques occupied with Musallies. May I point out that the actual piety of a believer is definitely not confined to mere worship (Namaaz alone) but extended and the yardstick is to see the conduct, affairs, transactions and dealings of a Muslim (Mu’amalaat).

If worship is declared as a criterion then what will we say about those notorious personalities of History who have harmed the integrity of Islam so much and yet bear black traces of prostration on their forehead? The important thing is not the number of prostrations (Sajdahs) inside the Masjid, no, what is important is the conduct of these people outside the Masjid even if they have succeeded in reaching the Masjids!


(1) Don’t talk about the pious performance of the Tableeghi Camp! The conduct of their "Holy Leaders" which have been recently revealed is shameful, to say the least. The central leader of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Moulana Manzoor Nomani, recently made headlines in the press. In 1964 a relief fund was set up to help the victims of communal riots. Seventy thousand Rupees vanished from the funds and the blame was publicly heaped on the head of Molvi Manzoor Nomani that he embezzled public funds. Up to now he has not been cleared of the lingering accusation.

(2) Everybody in Jamshidpur is aware of the misappropriation and embezzlement of cash and kind committed by the Tableeghi Jamaat after communal riots there. Goods and cash collected by the relief fund went missing. Widows and orphans were robbed of relief rightfully belonging to them and those Tableeghi members who have been accused of hijacking relief-aid funds and goods suddenly emerged as owners of large homes and have become wealthy overnight! (The author hails from Jamshidpur and is personally aware of the goings on there)

(3) The fortnightly "Al Hasanaat" of Rampur reported in 1959 that one of the Chief Patrons of Tableeghi Jamaat from Lucknow spent 30 Lakh Rupees (R300,000) on his daughters wedding! If he had any Islamic mentality he could have spent the same amount in the marriage of possibly 5,000 poor and needy girls.

(4) The Mufti of Maaloh, Moulana Ridwanur Rahman has disclosed that a group of Tableeghi Jamaat men were arrested at the Indoor Railway Station. They were in possession of a large quantity of opium. It is said that this despicable act exposed the Jamaat and all the secrets of "Gasht" were revealed.

(5) If you wish to assess the correct position of this "Pious Group", study their domestic lives and you will see them too deeply submerged in all the luxuries and elite life pattern of the 15th Century (A.H.). Those who are devoid of deep religious life cannot possibly inject the real essence of Islamic life into anyone.

Allow me to say that you have observed the filling of Mosques but failed to note the number of hearts from which the love of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has been snatched away by these "Pious People". Recently I attended a function in Peelkhana Ohara (a village in India) where the locals told me that a gentleman had lately been transformed into a regular Namazi since joining the Tableeghi Jamaat. Just a few Sajdahs have made him so arrogant that he was now publicly declaring that: "Through worship and piety we too can become parallel to Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam)." (Allah forbid!). My experience is that this Satanic arrogance is not necessarily confined to this one isolated Tableeghi individual but is characteristic of virtually every Tableeghi Namaazi. If you have any reservations or doubt study their environment from close range and verify it for yourself. Judge for yourself, what did this harmful Namaazi benefit from this type of Namaaz? In fact he was better off when he was a non-Namaazi because he was then at least humble and simple. After adopting Shaitaanic characteristic (Pride) whatever hope of mercy and forgiveness was left, is lost!


So far we have discussed the trained section of Tableeghi Jamaat. Let us see the state of those who have been educated and groomed by Tableeghi Jamaat, to gauge how much of Islamic Tauheed is found in them. Former president of India, Dr. Zaakir Husein was an old patron of Tableeghi Jamaat, noting that the first "Gasht" undertaken in London was under his command. In the "Gasht" biography of Moulana Yusuf (successor of Moulana Ilyas) it is stated: "There were many people who were educated in the secular, western field and people who had an in-depth knowledge of Western Culture, and yet they maintained links with Molvi Ilyas. One of the leading names is Dr. Zaakir Husein, Chancellor of Jamia Milla and President of India. These people have been visiting Molvi Ilyas for a long time and had been allied to his organisation." (Sawanih Moulana Yusuf pp/246). Writing on the Tableeghi Gasht of London, he writes: "During that time Dr. Zaakir Husein had gone to London on an educational conference, and he personally opened the Gasht." (pp/247)

Now read an extract from the letter which Dr. Zaakir Husein had written to a female acquaintance from Calcutta and later printed in the English Newspaper "Indian Express": "India needs a unique place of worship where people of different religions can go and worship their Lord. Different religions are different roads leading to one gigantic truth. We will be accomplishing a great task if we find a road which will end this confined thinking that there is only one road." (Indian Express 8th October 1968). (Something like Akbar’s Deenê Ilahi?)

Note the mentality of this personality who has been in the company of Molvi Ilyas for a long time and has been trained and influenced by him. Leave alone religious life, he even denies that Islam is the final way of Life, leading to success and salvation. Where will you now place Tableeghi Jamaat in the warehouse of corrupt movements?


If I accuse the Tableeghi Jamaat of achieving nothing in the field of Dawah work and real progressive service to Islam you may interject and say that: "What about all these Ijtemas, Jors, Gasht, gatherings, spending of millions and all these Deenê activities? So many have been brought back to the doors of Masaajids? Have not all these influenced and affected Muslims internationally?" My reply is: "Certainly, that brand of Tableeghi Jamaat Service which is riddled with conspiracies, plots against Islam, creating disunity and dissention, splitting the Ummah, Fitnah and Fasaad, and dividing the Ummah under the pretext of Tauheed and Sunnah is fully recognised by us. How can we deny those events that happened in front of the eyes of Muslims in every country where the Tableeghi Jamaat has been? The truth is that a large battalion of Jaahils but innocent Muslims were gathered under the pretext of Kalima and Namaaz and gradually transformed into a new cult. These ignorant people, after reaching the mysterious surroundings of Jamaat failed to free themselves from evils that surrounded them for so long. On the contrary, they broke their links with the original peaceful Islam handed down for generations."

Bear in mind that all these accusations are not baseless. Whatever is stated is the actual achievement of this Fitnah group. If you doubt this, read the following passages. Meiwaat, which is the conquered land of the Tableeghis and writing about it before the arrival of the Tableeghi Jamaat there, Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi writes: "These people go to the Bahraaich to visit the Mazaar of Sayed Masood Saalaar Gazi and regard the oath that is taken under the flag of (Hazrat Masood Gazi) as strongly binding. They also go to the other blessed tombs of India." (Deeni Dawat pp/72).

But after the establishment of the Tableeghi Jamaat these people no more visit these tombs. There are no traces of love for Aulia Allah left in their hearts. The link between them and the beloveds of Allah who had introduced them to Islam is broken. Thanks to the Tableeghi Jamaat and their concocted version of Shaitaanic Tauheed. Now these people visit Deoband, Jalalabad, Saharanpur, Thaana Bhawan, Gangoh and the Tableeghi Markaz in Delhi.

Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi writes about the methods used to change these people: "Bidats, Traditions, and Vice could not flourish because it failed to get the correct environment. An aged person from Meiwat described it very aptly. Qari Dawood asked a Meiwaati what was going on in his locality. The old man replied: ‘I do not know much, I do know that what could be achieved previously even after great effort, is now easily achieved and automatically done, and what could not be curbed previously even after use of violence and force is now stopping without effort.’" (Deeni Dawat pp/9O)

He writes further: "As far as Moulana Ilyas is concerned the biggest reason for this dramatic change and improvement seen in the people of Meiwaat was their leaving their homes and going to the religious institutions of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) eg. Deoband, Saharanpur, Jalalabad, Thana Bhawan etc."

Bear in mind that I am quoting all these extracts to show you that the entire Tableeghi Movement and their operation is designed in such a way that once a man enters its fold he "automatically" changes his beliefs. (And needless to say, adopts the corrupt beliefs of the Wahabis and Najdis and presently the rotten Saudis).

Meiwaat is not the only example, no, whenever a good Muslim innocently joins this Jamaat, although he had been a humble Sunni Muslim, following the correct Islamic beliefs, after some time he becomes an absolutely corrupted man, with rotten beliefs, thanks to the Tableeghi Jamaat.

I am aware of countless districts where a few inhabitants joined this Jamaat, and when they returned after a few "Chillas" (spending 40 days or months with the Tableeghi Jamaat and touring distant places) they disrupted the Islamic Unity of that locality and divided people into groups and sections (with one fighting with the other especially in Mosques, even homes). (The reader might be aware that wherever the Tableeghi Jamaat went they fulfilled the policy of divide and rule. They have closed mosques to Sunni Muslims, boycotted religious functions organised by Muslims, opened their own corrupt Madressas with their own brand of Molwis. Quran and Hadith bear little importance to them, the Kitab and their own vatican with Wahabis as "Moulana" are now passing judgment on Islamic matters). If the aim of the Tableeghi Jamaat is Kalima and Namaaz only as claimed by them, then why is it that when a man joins them his Aqeeda (beliefs) becomes corrupt. Surely the Kalima and Namaaz should not disunite Muslims. One has to agree that behind the excuse and screen of Kalima and Namaaz the Tableeghi Jamaat is expounding corrupt beliefs and teaches its followers to keep away from Muslims and move in their own circles. This is its real "service".