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It should be brought to the attention of the innocent Sunnis that on numerous occasions previously the Ebrahim Tar Mohammed Family of Durban had been warned and educated that this controversial "professor" would create great divisions and disunity among the Sunni masses. However, steeped in their minds was the fact they were financially "powerful" and had many "influential" friends, or so they thought Even after extensive meetings with them, this family was still adamant that they would bring this “professor" to South Africa! We are sad to say that by insisting on this, they have certainly destroyed all their previous credibility. Not only have they been humiliated and insulted, but the Sunni masses have finally become aware of this family's true intentions.

What is also surprising is that they have always sold their cassettes to the Sunnis, yet, they seemed hell-bent on distributing this “professor's" cassettes FREE of charge to whosoever they came across. This again proves the false intentions of this family. Remember that they have always claimed that Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari is their "SUPREME COURT", yet, long before he could even give his verdict against Tahirul Qadri, this family had already decided amongst themselves that they were the "Supreme Court" by insisting on distributing these cassettes! The "Supreme Judge" scenario was just to mock Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari and the concerned Sunni Muslims.

We can continue proving their double standards, however, just this incident is sufficient. These video-cassettes contained material which tried to prove that Tahirul Qadri was a staunch Sunni, all the time though, this was far from the truth. But video-cassettes that contained “professors” corrupt beliefs were very cleverly hidden and this was done deliberately. They knew very well that Tahirul Qadri performs Salaah behind Wahabi/Deobandis and Shias, yet concealed this fact from the public and went ahead to sponsor his visit

Furthermore, this family is now mass-producing an interview with this heretic where he lies as easy as he breathes concerning the allegations made against him. Tahirul Qadri labels the personality of Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan (a direct descendant of A'la Hazrat radi Allahu anhu) as the leader of the "Ghundas" (gangsters) and at the same time also insults Allama Zia-ul-Mustapha (the son of one of A'la Hazrat's Khalifas). He also brands the Sunni Ulema and the Sunni masses who were present at Grey Street masjid as gansters, ignorant, fanatics and extremists.

In his last interview held at the residence of a certain Mr Gani Kazi, Tahirul Qadri among other falsehoods claims that, "I fully endorse the verdict of A’la Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (radi Alllahu anhu) found in his book "Husaamul Haramain". I do not differ from the verdict of the great Imam. I love and honour him, I always quote him. My organisation Minhaajul Quran has always produced articles on him...".

In the very same interview he continues to insult the very family of A'la Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu). He also presents, in this interview, a blue covered booklet whereby he tries to prove that he is a great Lover of Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Can there be a greater con-man of the century? Remember that this very same person is declaring that one who insults Rasoolullah (sallal laahu aiaihi wasallam) should be killed and with the same tongue he says that the differences between the Sunni masses and the minority Wahabi/Deobandi/Tablighi group is merely based on minor and subsidiary issues. At one moment, he accepts that A'la Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu) was correct in declaring certain Wahabi/Deobandi/Tablighi leaders as Heretics because of their Kufr beliefs and in another, he declares that these issues are merely minor!

Also bear in mind that he may say to you that the hook "Firqah Parasti ka Khaatimah Qu kar Mumkin Heh" is NOT his book, (as he has already done once), yet on the back cover of this very same blue booklet which he proudly displays to innocent Sunnis, there appears a list of published hooks, and the name of this book also appears!!!

This is also the same "Professor" who claims in one newspaper that "I appeal to Sunnis and Tablighis to stop imposing their values on each other...", and in one interview he states that A'la Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu) was correct in declaring certain Deobandis as heretics. He also states that whosoever doubts the Kufr of these Deobandis, he is also a Kaafir. Remember that this will include all the Tablighis as they still consider Ashraf Ali Thanwi as one of their leaders! Are you not also "Professor" Tahirul Qadri, imposing your "personal" views on others? Such double standards are indeed very hard to find. This man however has a gift of the gab.

Tahirul Qadri says in the same VIDEO that he had been victorious and certain "Sunnis" have supported and complimented him. Depending on how you would look at this whole issue you can decide what VICTORIOUS means! Certainly he was victorious in splitting the Muslim Ummah, which is but the aim of the Kuffaar!!!