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"Professor" was extremely arrogant with the local Ulema-e-Ahle Sunnah by employing delaying tactics and flimsy excuses. He was immensely reluctant to give the Sunni Ulema an audience. However, after many negotiations, AN AGREEMENT WAS SIGNED WITH TAHIRUL QADRI TO MEET FOR A DEBATE that was to he held on the 5th of April 1993, at the famous Grey Street Jumma Masjid in Durban. Please note that THIS VENUE WAS CHOSEN BY THE PROFESSOR HIMSELF. The Ulema-Ahle-Sunnah did not have a say or choice in deciding the venue. To this effect, hand-written documentary evidences of the "Professor" are available. Hazrat Allama Zia-ul-Mustapha was to be the debater and Hazrat Allama Mufli Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari was to oversee the debate.

Both parties met on the night of the debate. The distinguished overseas Sunni Ulema and Tahirul Qadri were introduced to the crowd of about 2000 Muslims. A certain Molvi, an enthusiastic supporter of Tahirul Qadri, who stood up on behalf of him, caused a great commotion when he addressed the crowd. Greater confusion was created when a small number of Tahirul Qadri's supporters began calling for a lecture and not a debate.

Tahirul Qadri then stood up and addressed the crowd. The Sunnis, who had come specifically to listen to the debate, could not restrain themselves. Tempers began flaring when they realised that TAHIRUL QADRI WAS NOT GOING TO ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE WHICH HE HAD ALREADY GIVEN IN WRITlNG. He did not present himself at the Jumma Masjid that night to answer any questions in the form of a debate, but instead to cause more confusion.

The Muslim public is not aware of the shrewdness he exercised on that night "Professor" very well knew that he could never have won a debate with one of the most talented and popular Scholars of Islam, that is Muhaddith-Kabeer, Allama Zia-ul-Mustapha as he would have certainly been exposed.

Instead of immediately following the procedures of the debate, he cunningly whispered to the then Imaam of the mosque: "Ask the public whether they want a lecture or debate". The Imaam then took the mike and repeated the words of the "professor". As soon as he made this announcement, confusion reigned.

At this point we would like to highlight an important fact On Tuesday, the 6th of April 1993, a day after the Jumma Masjid incident, the "Professor," in a private gathering at the residence of a Sunni family, video recorded an interview. In that interview the "Professor" repeatedly claims that the Imaam of the Masjid asked the audience if they wanted a lecture or debate and that the majority shouted, "Lecture! Lecture!" When the Imaam was contacted to verify this fact, he said: "Professor is telling a lie. He is the one who asked me to make that announcement. I did not do this on my own accord". Any sensible person present in the Masjid that night will verify that only after this announcement was made did confusion reign.

This of course suited "professor" perfectly. Then too, the Ulema-e-Ahle Sunnah appealed for calm and restrain If the "professor" was a sincere and righteous preacher of truth he would have stood in that Masjid like a devout Muslim and scholastically cleared all doubts and misunderstandings about his beliefs. Instead, be found it befitting to be hurriedly escorted (infact, he jumped over the masjid wall!) out of the Masjid. A video recording of the incident is evident that the Sunni Ulema constantly tried to calm the people on the night.

THE IMMENSE TRAGEDY IS THAT THE PROPOSED DEBATE DID NOT TAKE PLACE. It was our intention to expose this fraudulent "professor". Yet, he was too terrified of the consequences of being exposed in public as a "fake". He obviously had no intention of challenging the Ulema-e-Ahle Sunah. It is safe to say that he had "cold-feet".

The organisers of his visit and many of his ignorant supporters, and a few local "Ulema", dumbfounded by the fierce objections and unity of the Sunni public practically ran out of the masjid. This entire episode happened very quickly. The crowds then quickly settled and were addressed by our distinguished overseas Ulema.

This peaceful sitting was again interrupted when certain persons, supporters of Tahirul Qadii, began causing a commotion. Outsiders, totally ignorant of what had transpired, walked in the masjid with a policeman. The Sunnis immediately reacted to this. Seeing that there was A PLANNED ATTEMPT BY A HANDFUL OF SUPPORTERS OF TAHIRUL QADRI AND THE ORGANISERS TO DISRUPT THE PEACEFUL GATHERING, it was decided to close the meeting. The Ulema-e-Ahle Sunnah left the masjid.