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The Movement of Tableeghi Jamaat appeared on the horizon of India like a storm. Its popularity is due to its attractive slogan: "Kalima and Namaaz (Prayer)". It is also to the untiring efforts of its workers. The illiterate and uninformed Muslims, eager to repent from their sins, are being promised green gardens by the Tableeghi Jamaat. They are told that if they adopt the Jamaat’s ways there status will be raised above the status of the Muslim public. They are under the impression that through this movement they be cleansed of sins and will instantly reach Paradise, and "Hoors" (Virgins of Paradise) will receive them at the gates.

The truth has now been realised that the Wahabi Movement in India was bred and nursed by British Power. Documentary proof of this evidence is found in the book "Mukalamatus-Sadrain" in which Moulana Shabir Ahmed Osmani has revealed thati Tableeghi Jamaat was launched with the financial assistance of the British. Many workers of Tableeghi Jamaat are sincere, but their sincerity is misdirected, alas!

It is claimed that the success of Tableeghi Jamaat is the miracle of its founder! They claim to be Allah’s chosen men who are reviving Islam, and doing the very Tableegh work done by the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the Sahaba. But History bears testimony that no Sahabi undertook Tableegh work amongst the Muslims. After demise of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) the Sahaba went to different parts of the globe carrying out Dawah work amongst non-Muslims who had not received the Message of Islam. But these people have introduced a new Bidat in Islam, viz. to propagate the Kalima to those people who have already received the Message Islam. They never propagate Islam to non-Muslims. We should be doing Taleem among Muslims and Tableeg among non-Muslims.

Thousands of unbelievable incidents are narrated during their I’jtima or Jors. Exaggerated miracles are attributed to the Jamaat and their Ulema. May we question this point that why is it that when these very miracles, when attributed to other saints of Islam, become Kufr, Shirk and Bidat. Yet the same miracles if "performed" by Tableeghi "Moulanas" suddenly become Islam and an undeniable fact?

After all, these are the very people (the Tableeghi Jamaat) whose lives have been spent in digging the graves of our ancestors and rejecting and refuting the miracles of Aulia Allah (Saints). But these are the very miracles, which become Polytheism and infidelity if attributed to Hazrat Ghareeb Nawaaz of Ajmer (Rahmatullah Alayhi) and Hazrat Ghausul Azam Dastagir (Rahmatullah Alayhi) of Baghdad. Yet if that very miracle is attributed to a personality of the Tableeghi Circle (possibly one of the "Hazratjis") it becomes part of Iman, even if all the Tableeghi travelling expenses are paid for by dividends from Insurance Companies and Bank interest.

Behind all the manifestations of ‘Missionary Work’ there is some magical scene of the workings of unseen powers. At the center of Basti Nizamuddin (Headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat) hundreds of people come and go daily, taking food, and Missionary teams are being sent out.

How are these expenses met? Who provides for them? It is said: "Allah bestows upon the Tableeghi Jamaat". Perhaps you are not aware of this that even the Government is baffled. For many times the C.I.D. had come to investigate and a certain Hazratji gave them the keys of the warehouses. They found nothing. They were surprised and returned to Hazratji, who asked them to observe once again. When they returned they were stunned to find thousands of grain bags where only a few minutes earlier nothing could be seen. This is what they claim! Surprising! If the same miracle is attributed to the tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia it becomes shirk in the eyes of the Tableeghis and yet it is readily accepted when it is claimed that Hazratji performed this miracle.

The actual fact is that until the Hermitage of Hazrat Khwaja Nizaamuddin Aulia does not become empty, the Basti Nizamuddin (Headquarters of Tableeghi Jamaat) can never be established!

It must be remembered that this resourceless Jamaat of the "Selected people of Allah" holds such a massive (Salaat) Conference after every third or sixth month in any Province of India that it has a congregation of 30 to 40 thousand people. (Naturally dwindling now)

For such a big conference there is neither any propaganda nor any publicity. Not a single bit of advertisement appears in any newspaper and yet hundreds of tents are fixed and there is a reasonable supply of food. They provide bus service to people coming from distant places. It seems that a temporary town is launched. The organisation of Tableeghi Jamaat may object that the Jamaat makes no arrangements for food provisions, only temporary shops are set up and the participants receive food on payments. All the record of this Jamaat is kept secret, hence there is no possibility of any written proof, but we have heard it from the tongues of the participants, that even in the days of inflation the market rate for food in the Conference was so low that a single person could fill his belly by merely spending four or five rupees. How this is done is not known. It may be through the competence of the "Economic Experts" of this Jamaat or the traditional "Miracles" of the Jamaat!

The arrangement for making ablution is also made by the Jamaat. To quote an example. A Conference held at Lucknow, in a temporary town, where about 30 thousand people could make their ablutions within 15 minutes. (Remember the 200 toilets of Stanger?) Some money must at least be spent on this extraordinary arrangement! The question that arises is how are these Royal Expenditures met? Who provides them with money? And if there are materialistic and Humanistic resources then why are they kept as complete secrets?

The Jamaat says that Allah provides all. Indeed the Benevolence and Gifts of Allah are truly believed by every Muslim, but why has the entire quota of the "Gifts of Allah" reserved for the ‘Jamaat’ only. It is, they say, the miracle of "Hazratji"! Yet to believe in the miracles of other Sufis is an act of Polytheism (Shirk).

Is it not a fact that the Anti-Islamic powers, whilst creating communal riots in many parts of India also tried to paralyse the economic conditions of Muslims? These are the very powers that are making Muslims careless of their economy by the introduction of "New Asceticism" in Islam. The real essence of this new education is to abandon this world for the sake of Allah, to make one’s time free for religion, to become careless about the family and children, to go for Penances (Chilla) with the congregation, whose result may be dangerous and this danger increases more when we see that those people who are bloodthirsty enemies of Muslims, are performing jobs in the congregation of these people. They erect the tents and serve food to the people! Why?

Unfortunately in this Jamaat the reply to such a question is nothing but a mysterious silence, and similarly this mysterious silence is maintained even in the literature of this ‘Jamaat’.

Indeed the powerful pen of Hazrat Moulana Arshadul Qadari, sees behind the curtains, and has no parallel in its unique observation, and in disclosing the hidden facts, and whose healthy modus operandi is a panacea for all persons in Search of Truth. After the introduction of "Jamaáté Islami" he now introduces a book describing a Jamaat who hide behind a curtain of piety. Indeed many answers about this ‘pious’ group will be found in this book. Signed: (Allama)

Darul Uloom Ashrafia, at present living in Ahata, Noorani Shamoga, City Mysore17th Jamadul Akhir (1389)