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Respected Allama Arshadul Qadri,
Chief Editor ‘Jame Noor’

Assalaamu Alaikum,

I am very anxious and restless. I hope you will not mind this because of the nature of our religious service.

I wish to know about the Tableeghi Jamaat operating from Basti Nizamuddin, Delhi. What type of organisation is it? What is the real aim of its Missionary activities? Of what mental attitude and religious beliefs are its leaders? Can the Ummah expect any benefits from them?

Kindly furnish a detailed, logical and convincing reply to us, the Muslims of Gujrat.

Yours Sincerely
Qari lsmaiel Tankarvi
(Guj rat) Ahmedbad.


The answer to the above query requires a lengthy explanation and I divide my answer into 8 chapters so that my reply may satisfy the mind with great clarity. Before I start answering I wish to appeal to my readers that they should read my reply with an unprejudiced mind. It is just possible that this answer may adversely clash with their already established opinion about "Tableeghi Jamaat". Even then I would request that this is the very journey where the value of justice increases, and one gets the chance of protecting oneself from unreal conditions. Nobody can claim that his judgement and knowledge is unchangeable. Therefore instead of casting the book aside hopelessly it should be a step forward towards reality if it is read line by line. I assure my readers that I have also in expressing my thoughts about the Tableegbi Jamaat never freed my pen from the hold of the spirit of fairplay.

May Allah give us the courage to accept the truth.