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Because of the confusion still prevalent amongst a small group of individuals regarding the Professor's "Sunniyat" the Jama'at-e-Ahle Sunnat of Okara approached Sheikh-ul-Qur'aan wat Tafseer Hazrat Allamah Ghulaam Ali Ashrafi Okarvi to present several questions to the Professor for his response so that the true identity of Taahir Saahib could be established and the general public be made aware. However, a lengthy period has elapsed and still the Ulama and Awaam of Pakistaan have not been favoured with a response from the Professor. There could be a number of reasons for the Professor's non-commital, maybe he has decided to run away from his commitment or altogether evade the issue. Within this document we have presented a set of unanswered questions scrupulously framed for the Professor's response and for the attention and information of the Muslim public. If for some reason or other the Professor is unable to respond to any of the questions, perhaps some of his supporters or sympathisers could be kind enough to do so. (ULAMA-E-AHLE SUNNAT – OKARA)

Nahmadahu Wa Nussali Ala Rasoolihil Kareem

Allah, in whose name I begin, is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Janaab "Leader of the Revolution" and founder of the Idara Minhaajul Qur'aan, we have herein presented a few questions and trust that at your earliest convenience you would be able to furnish us with satisfactory answers:


(1) If a proper Sunni Muslim, possessing proper Sunni beliefs declares that a Muslim rejecting the fundamentals of Islam is a Kaafir, then in your opinion will this Sunni Muslim still remain within the folds of lslam?

(2) Presently the overwhelming majority of Raafizis (Shias consider themselves to be "ISNA ASHARIYAH OR JAAFIRIS" (Khomeini's Sect). Are they Muslims or Disbelievers?

(3) In view of his writings and lectures, can Khomeini be considered as the Imaam of the Sunnis and is it permissible for a Sunni Sahi'-ul-Aqeeda to make Du’a-e-Maghfirat for him? Can one consider the Revolution initiated by Khomeini as an Islamic Revolution? You have also been reported to have declared in the "Daily Nawaa-e-Waqt Lahore” dated 8th June 1989, amongst other things that: "Khomeini is like Hazrat Ali and died like Imaam Husain and that love for Khomeini demands that every child becomes like Khomeini." We have seen a photograph of this assembly with you in it thus verifying your presence at this Ijtima. It is also a fact that you have not retracted your statement on Khoineini subsequently.

(4) Does one still remain a Sunni after having participated in the 40 days and one year Isaal-e-Sawaab ceremonies of Khomeini even though it is apparent that Khomeini had adhered strictly to the tenets of Shiaism?

(5) According to your lectures and writings, you claim that your mission is to create and foster lslamic Brotherhood, although there are many corrupt groups whose leaders have openly insulted Allah and His Rasool. The followers of these groups still consider their infidel leaders as Muslims. Please state clearly what is your belief concerning individuals such as Qaasim Nonotwi, Ashraf Ah Thanwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and Khaleel Ahmed Ambhetwi? What is the ruling of Shari'ah on these individuals and those who still consider these infidels as Muslims? In one of your periodicals, the Chairman of your Idara Minhaajul Qur'aan, Janaab Anwar Quraishi publicly sympathised at the death of a prominent Deobandi/Wahaabi. Do you hold the same view as your Chairman Anwar Quraishi? Kindly bear in mind that to conceal one's true belief is a cardinal belief of the Shias. Please do not adopt this ploy and state your real belief that is hidden in your heart. Further, what is your belief concerning the Chairman of the Minhaajul Qur'aan?

(6) Muhammad ibne Abdul Wahaab and his followers have declared all the Sunni Muslims as Kaafirs and Bid'atis, therefore he considers the killing of the Sunnis and the seizure of their properties as COMPULSORY. I am certain that you must have come across many books which verify these facts, especially the book "Kashful Hijaab an Waj'hi Dalaat-e-ibne Abdul Wahaab" by Peer Saiyyid Taahir Alauddeen Jilaani (your own Peer Murshid). In this book the illustrious Sunni scholar categorically condemns the followers and sympathisers of the evil Wahabi sect. My question to you is, is Salaah behind a Najdi lmaam or any supporter of the Najdi sect permissible?

(7) Please explain to me in unambiguous language this "unity" you are always propagating. Is unity this, that we unite with the Munaafiqs and Kaafirs?

(8) In your numerous lectures and writings you have stated that you do not belong to any "Maslak", then can you explain on which "Maslak" are your beliefs based?

(9) Have you changed the controversial statements in your book "Firqa Parasti ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh", which you promised to Maulana Taqaddus Ali Khan that you would do?

(10) When you do not fully accept or follow the teachings of Huzoor Gh'ausul Azam (Alaihir Rahmah), then why do you insist on posing as a Hanafi-Qaadiri? Huzoor Ghausul Azam (Radiyal Laahu Anhu Ardaahu Anna) has categorically condemned all the 72 astray sect. In his book "Ghunyatut Taalibeen", he has rejected the beliefs of the majority of the Gumrah sects. I am certain you are well aware of this fact since you do claim to be Hanafi-Qaadiri in expounding the issue of "Diyat". (You have unshackled yourself from the "nuisance" of Taqleed) and have clearly indicated that it is not necessary to follow any of the four righteous Imaams of the Ahle Sunnat. However, jet me remind you that this is in conflict with even the teachings and beliefs of Hazrat Gha'usul Azam (Radi Laahu Anhu Wa Ardaahu Anna), who was attached to the Hambali Mazhab. There seems to be a remarkable similarity between you and Maudoodi Sahib on the issue of "Ijtihaad”, then why do you in calling yourself a Hanafi?

(11) On the question of "Diyat" you have boldly gone against the Ijma of the venerated Sahaaba-e-Kiraam (Ridwanullahi Ta’ala Alaihim Ajmaeen) and the four Imaams of Shari' at (Alaihimur rahmah), this compelled the Imaam-e-waqt, Imaam-e-AhleSunnat, Imam Allama Saiyyid Ahmed Saeed Kaazmi Mia (Alaihir Rahmah), to declare you as Gumrah and Astray, and a Taghoot (Shaitaan). He also thoroughly rebutted your flimsy arguments. Have you repented yet or not?

(12) In your final discourse on the issue of “Diyat” in front of a mixed audience of men and women, you had the downright audacity to RIDICULE AND MAKE A JOKE of Saiyyidina Rasoollalah’s - Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam - authentic and proven Sunnah. My Imaan does not permit me to quote the actual insolent words you uttered. You also repeated this in the presence of Hazrat Allama Kaukab Noorani Okarvi on a journey between Lahore and Islamabaad. Are you so naive not to realise that to make a joke and ridicule an authentic and proven Sunnah of the Mighty Messenger of Allah IS KUFR?

We have presented all these facts for the consumption of the Sunni masses so that you do not deceive them with your worn-out excuse of jealousy and personal vendetta. This bluff of yours is nothing but unsubstantiated rubbish. We have supported you in the past without prejudice or jealousy but it seems that you have a mission of your own to create disunity under the guise of unity. If you CANNOT, or WILL NOT respond to my questions, then you leave us with no choice but to explore other avenues to reveal the TRUTH ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MOVEMENT to the Sunni masses of Pakistan. A simple "yes" or “no” where applicable, is required to my questions, and if you so desire, you could solicit the aid of your "Secret Panel", we have no objections to this.


Is it not a fact that at the residence of Saiyyid Wajaa'at Rasool Qaadri and in the presence of the following individuals; Hazrat Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi, Saiyyid Riaasat Ali Qaadri, Hajee Shafee Muhammad Qaadri, Professor Majeedul Qaadri and your former supporter and sympathiser Hazrat Maulana Ghulaam Haider Saiyidi, you uttered a statement, the gist of which is as follows:

(1) Fataawa Husaamul Haramain was correct for that period only, however, PRESENTLY IT IS NOT FIT TO BE ACCEPTED. If this is what you have stated (there are witnesses), then what is your opinion concerning the books written by the Kaafir Mirza Ghulaam Ahmed Qaadiani and other Kaafirs such as Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, Khaleel Ahmed Ambhetwi and Qaasim Nonotwi?

(2) You have stated that you do not consider the "Ulama" of Deoband as Kaafirs because you were NOT THEIR CONTEMPORARY. What then is your opinion about the Qaadianis and other (Murtadds) who have REJECTED THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ISLAM?

(3) You have declared YAZEED (PALEED) AS A KAAFIR, was he YOUR CONTEMPORARY? Imaam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (Radi Allahu Anhu) after thorough research, has with-held his Fatwa-e-Kufr on Yazeed (Paleed), what proof did you discover which even escaped the greatest lmaam of the Mazaahib? Please do not adopt the evasive tactics of the Shias.

(4) You have inexplicably declared that if all the controversial books of the Deobandi-Wahabis are to be banned, so should the famous book “JAA’UL HAQQ” by Hazrat Allama Mufti Yar Khan Saahib be banned as well. You have either misunderstood or not read the book properly, or you consider it among the books which contain Kufr. Why have you equated and categorised such an important work compounding the true Aqaaid of the Sunni Muslims with the Kufria books of the Maulvis of Deoband? This book sensationally exposes the fraud of Murtaddeen and the Munaafiqeen. Does this book cause pain to you?


(1) Could you furnish us with the reasons why so many eminent personalities, supporters and foundation members of Awam Idara Minhaajul Qur'aan have disassociated themselves from your Movement (except the Tarmahomed family of Durban). What caused this great disunity and dissatisfaction amongst the eminent personalities?

(2) How many "Sunni" Ulama thus far have graduated from your institute? Please make their names (and addresses) public.

(3) The High Court Commission of Inquiry thoroughly rejected and refuted your MOCK ASSASSINATION attempt. Why have you remained silent for so long and have failed to refute the Court’s findings? This stain against religious individuals still exists, please come clean for once and reveals the REAL TRUTH behind your so-called assassination attempt.

If you fail to respond to our questions within the next 2 weeks (or at your earliest convenience) then the Jama'at Ahle Sunnat will be constrained to accept that you are SADLY UNABLE to do so, or are COMPLETELY HELPLESS in this regard.

However, if you CANNOT, or DO NOT, want to answer, or consider it UNNECESSARY to do so, then please notiFy us of this fact.

Further, if we are satisfied with your answers, then we are prepared to assist you in all your future lslamic activities. If not, then after due consultation with all our members including the Ulama-e-Haqq of Okara, we will have no recourse but to announce to the Sunnis of Pakistaan to disassociate themselves from you and have nothing whatsoever to do with you, your mission or your Movement

(1) Khaadim-ul- Islaam, Abul Fadl Ghulaam Ali Ashrafi Okarvi, Darul Uloom Ashraful Madaaris, Multan Road, Okara.
(2) Ahmed Yaar - Khateeb Jaamia Masjid, Gulla Mandi, Okara.
(3) Ghulaam Yaseen - Khateeb Noori Shahi Jaamia Masjid, Okara.
(4) Faiz Rasool - Khateeb Jaamia Masjid Deedaar-e- Mustafa, Okara.
(5) Muhammad Jahaangir Thaaqib - Khateeb Jaamia Masjid Tayyibah, Okara.
(6) Muhammad Iqbal Chishti - Khateeb Markazi Jaamia Masjid Ghausia, Okara.
(7) Saiyyid Muhammad Mahmoodul Haqq - Khateeb Madinah Masjid Okara.
(8) Ghulaam Yaseen - Khateeb Maule Waalah, Okara.
(9) BasheerAhmed Mufti - Jaamia Hanafiyah Ashraful Madaaris Okara.

The Executive
Jama'at-e-AhIe Sunnat - Okara
Madinah Masjid - Okara

N.B. Till this date, No reply from Tahir Sahib has been received!