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However, before we put forward the questions to Professor Tahir Sahib within this document we would first like to pose several questions to his supporters as well, to determine their "Sunniyat" and their ability to respond. We trust they will not emulate their Professor's evasive tactics. So lets put these supporters and admirers of the Professor to a simple test through these simple questions:

(1) Do you accept the Professor's contention that there are no fundamental differences between the Sunnis and the other 72 Jahannami sects?
(2) Do you share the Professor's belief that A’la Hazrat's Fatawa of Kufr in Husaamul Haramain against Ashraf AIi Thanwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, Khaleel Ahmed Ambhetwi and Muhammad Qaasim Nonotwi, although correct then, but it is NOT APPLICABLE TODAY? (Null and void).
(3) Do you believe like the Professor that Salaah behind the Wahabi, Deobandi, Tablighi and Shia lmaams is permissible?
(4) Do you HONESTLY BELIEVE AND ACCEPT that the Professor's "dreams" attributed to our beloved Prophet are TRUE?
(5) Do you agree that the Professor's rejection of the Asa and the Second Azaan at a Jum'ah assembly in Pretoria, an act of a SUNNI, and was this act JUSTIFIED?
(6) Do you believe like the Professor that Allah's beloved Prophet - Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam - was not bestowed with any authority whatsoever? (lqtiyaar)
(7) Do you accept the ruling of the Professor on the Mas' ala of "Diyat" and reject the consensus of the lmaams.of Hanafi, Shafaee, Maliki and Hambali Mazaahib etc?
(8) Where you aware - prior to the arrival of the Professor to South Africa - that he performs his Salaah behind the Imaams of Wahaabis, Deobandis and Shias, etc?
(9) Do you agree with the statement of the Professor when he stated that his mission is not to work for the loftiness of Sunni-Hanafiyat or for the school of the Ahle Sunnat?
(10) Do you endorse the statement of the Professor when he said that Khomeini lived like Hazrat Ali and died like Imaam Husain and that love for Khomeini demands that every child should become a Khomeini?
(11) Is it permissible for a Sunni Muslim to attend the death anniversary gathering. and make Du’a-e-Maghfirat for Khomeini, can such a person doing so be called a Sunni?
(12) Do you endorse the belief of your Professor that if you have to accumulate all the knowledge of the Sahaaba-e-Kiraam, it will not even be equivalent to the knowledge of Hazrat Ali?

Now this is where the fun really starts, lets see if you can score 12 out of 12. Unfortunately there are no prizes to be won for a 100% score. If the admirers of the Professor respond correctly to the above 12 questions and which correspond with our answers, then the Professor can never be a Sunni, by YOUR OWN ENDORSEMENT. But if they remain silent, duck, dive and dodge these questions like their Professor is presently doing, then you all are placing your Sunniyat in jeopardy. The ball is now in their court, and we are impatiently waiting for their response.

We wish to also report that many of his followers in South Africa have disassociated from him and have once again joined the mainstream Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. May Allah guide all of us on the Straight Path! Aameen.