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1. Males are not permitted to wear clothes made from silk, while females are allowed to wear silk clothes.

2. Females are not permitted to wear very thin and see-through clothes.

3. Males are forbidden to wear very bright coloured clothes, like red and yellow.

4. Males are not permitted to wear their pants below the ankle. Females must cover their ankles.

5. Females should not wear clothes made for males, and males should not wear clothes made for females.

6. It is Haraam for males to show any part of their body from the navel till the knee. This includes the knees.

7. Both should not wear tight clothes.

8. It is Fard for females to cover their whole body from head to toe.

9. It is un-Islamic for females to show their faces to a stranger.

10. It is Haraam for females to even expose themselves to other females and for males to do the same in front of other males.

11. It is Haraam for Muslims to imitate Kuffar in their dress and habits.

12. It is proper for males and females to dress Islamically.