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1. Make sure that the food or drink is Halaal.

2. Wash your hands properly first and do not forget to read the "Bismillah" before eating or drinking.

3. If you are eating with others, read the "Bismillah" aloud so that others will also remember to read it.

4. Eat or drink with your right hand.

5. Sit and eat or drink and do not do so in a buffet style where everybody stands.

6. Chew your food well and do not eat or drink in a hurry.

7. Do not blow over your food and drink.

8. Do not over-eat. One part of the stomach should be for food, one part for liquids and one for air.

9. Drink water or other permissible drinks in at least three breaks - not all in one gulp.

10. Do not stare at other peoples food or drink.

11. After eating, wash your hands properly.

12. Do not dish out a lot of food at once and waste.