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Eid-ul-Fitr: Eid-ul-Fitr occurs on the 1st of Shawaal. It is a day of joy for those who have kept Fast during the Blessed Month of Ramadaan.

Eid-ul-Adha: Eid-ul-Adha occurs on the 10th Zil-Hajj. It is a day when Qurbaani is performed by all those who can afford it. Qurbaani is done to honour the Sunnah of Sayyiduna Nabi Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) and Sayyiduna Nabi Isma'il (alaihis salaam). On this day Almighty Allah commanded Sayyiduna Nabi Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) to sacrifice his son, Sayyiduna Nabi Isma'il (alaihis salaam).

The Sunnah Actions on the Day of Eid

1. One should wake up early.
2. One should eat something before Eid Salaah on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr.
3. It is Mustahab for those who are sacrificing an animal not to eat anything on the morning of Eid-ul-Adha till they sacrifice the animal and partake of the meat of the sacrificed animal.
4. One should make Ghusal, wear new clothes and use Itr before going for Eid Salaah.
5. One should give "Sadqa-e-Fitr" or charity before the Eid Salaah or a few days earlier.
6. One should show happiness and give charity in abundance.
7. One should try and be as early as possible in the Masjid or Eid Gah (open ground for performing Eid Salaah).
8. One should read the Takbeer softly while going to the Masjid or Eid Gah on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr.
9. The Takbeer should be read loudly on the day of Eid-ul-Adha.
10. One should partake of the Qurbaani meat on Eid-ul-Adha.
11. It is preferable that one uses different routes in travelling to and from the Masjid or Eid Gah.

The Time of Eid Salaah

1. The time of Eid Salaah begins just after sunrise and continues up to Zawaal.
2. No Nafil Salaah should be read before the Eid Salaah.
3. No Azaan or Iqaamah is given for Eid Salaah.

Method of Performing the Eid Salaah

1. Eid Salaah is Waajib. Both Eid Salaah consists of 2 Rakaah with Jamaah.
2. Make the Niyyah (intention) of reading 2 Rakaah behind the Imaam with 6 extra Takbeers. Refer to Hifz Syllabus.
3. Read the first Takbeer (Allahu Akbar) with the Imaam and fold your hands as in ordinary Salaah. Then read Thana.
4. The Imaam will then read two more Takbeers. For both these Takbeers, raise the hands and leave them at the side.
5. The Imaam will then read the third Takbeer. Raise the hands and fold them.
6. The Imaam will then read Surah Fatiha and a Surah, and complete the first Rakaah.
7. In the second rakaah, the Imaam will read the Surah Fatiha and a Surah. He will then read 3 extra Takbeers. At each Takbeer you will raise the hands and leave them at the side. After the fourth Takbeer, you must go into Ruku.
8. The rest of the Salaah follows.

The Eid Khutbah

1. The Khutbah of both the Eids is read after the Eid Salaah.
2. The Khutbah is Sunnah and it is Waajib to listen to them.
3. The Khutbah, which has two parts, is delivered by the Imaam.
4. There is a short break between the Khutbah.
5. During Khutbah, all talking or reading is forbidden.

The Difference Between Eid and Jummah Salaah

1. Jummah Salaah is Fard, while Eid Salaah is Waajib.
2. In Jummah, Khutbah is read before the Salaah, while in Eid, Khutbah is read after the Salaah.
3. Jummah Salaah has no extra Takbeers, while Eid Salaah has six extra Takbeers.
4. Jummah Salaah has Azaan and Iqaamah, while Eid Salaah has no Azaan and Iqaamah.
5. Jummah Salaah is performed after midday, while Eid Salaah is read before midday.