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1. Qada Salaah is Salaah that is made after the appointed time of that Salaah has passed.

2. It is a great sin to intentionally delay reading Salaah from its actual time.

3. Qada Salaah should be made as soon as possible.

4. There is no Qada for the Sunnah or Nafil Salaah.

5. If a person misses his Salaah during a journey, then his Qada will also become a Qasr Salaah if he is making the Qada of Zohar, Asar or Isha Salaah.

6. Qada has to be made for all Waajib and Fard Salaah.

7. Females, who have missed their Salaah due to Haiz and Nifaas, may not perform the Qada of their missed Salaah.

8. If a person has missed many Salaah, then he or she may perform the Qada of these Salaah according to the order he or she has chosen. One should also mention before ones Salaah what Qada he or she is about to read.

9. If the Qada of that day's Fajar Salaah is read before Zawaal, then it is better for the person to also read the Sunnah of the Fajar.