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1. Sadaqah-e-Fitr is compulsory upon all Muslim men and women who are "Saahib-e-Nisaab". This means that it is compulsory for those that have a little extra money which is kept aside as savings.

2. It is Sunnah to give the Sadaqah-e-Fitr before the Eid-ul-Fitr Salaah or a few days earlier.

3. An adult should give Sadaqah-e-Fitr for himself as well as for his children who are not able to afford the Sadaqah-e-Fitr.

4. Sayyiduna Rasulullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has said: "A person's fast remains hanging in between the Heavens and Earth, till the time the Sadaqah-e-Fitr is given."

5. The amount of Sadaqah-e-Fitr is equal to the value of 1kg 700 g of wheat.

6. This amount can also be given in cash or kind. The amount is about R20.00 (Calculated in the year 2003. Find out the new amount each year!)

7. If the woman of the house is Saahib-e-Nisaab, then it is Waajib upon her to give Sadaqah-e-Fitr herself. In this case, it is not Waajib upon the man or the husband to give Sadqa for his wife or female family member.