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1. There are certain Ayah (Verses) of the Holy Quran, for which it becomes Waajib upon a person to make Sajdah. This rule applies for both the reader and the listener. However, if there is no one listening, then it is only Waajib upon the reader.
2. When reading any Sajdah Tilaawah verse, one should read the Takbeer, "Allahu Akbar", and go into Sajdah. Only one Sajdah is made and the Takbeer is read in the Sajdah.
3. It is Makrooh to delay making the Sajdah Tilaawah.
4. Most of the Holy Qurans have the word "Sajdah" written in the margin. This enables the reader to identify the Ayaat-e-Sajdah.
5. It is also Makrooh to skip a Sajdah verse. In fact, there is much more Thawaab in reading it.
6. If a person is sitting and reads many Sajdah Ayaah, then the person is required to make only one Sajdah and not for each verse.
7. The fourteen verses (14) of the Holy Quran by which it becomes Waajib for one to make Sajdah Tilaawah are:

a. Surah Araaf: verse 206
b. Surah Raad : verse 15
c. Surah Nahl : verse 50
d. Surah Bani Israeel : verse 109
e. Surah Mariam : verse 58
f. Surah Hajj : verse 18
g. Surah Furqaan : verse 60
h. Surah Naml : verse 26
i. Surah Sajdah : verse 15
j. Surah Saad : verse 25
k. Surah Haa Meem : verse 38
l. Surah Najm : verse 62
m. Surah Inshiqaaq : verse 21
n. Surah Alaq : verse 19