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What is Witr Salaah?

1. Witr Salaah is Waajib.
2. There are 3 Rakaah in Witr Salaah.
3. Witr Salaah is read after Isha Salaah till "Subha Saadiq" dawn.
4. Witr Salaah cannot be read before the Fard of Isha Salaah.
5. In Ramadaan Witr Salaah is read with Jamaah.
6. It is Sunnah to read Surah A'ala in the first Rakaah, Surah Kaafirun in the second Rakaah and Surah Ikhlaas (Ahad) in the third Rakaah.

How to Perform the Witr Salaah

1. Make the intention of 3 Rakaah Witr.
2. After the Attahiyaat of the second Rakaah, stand up for the third Rakaah.
3. After Surah Fatiha and any Surah in the third Rakaah, and before going for Ruku, lift the hands up to the ears, saying "Allahu Akbar", and then fold them as usual.
4. Now, read Du'a-e-Qunoot. Refer to Hifz Syllabus.
5. After reciting this dua, go into Ruku and complete the Salaah.