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Birth: Taaj-ud-Deen, Sayyiduna Sayyid Abdur Razzaaq (alaihir rahmah) was worn in the night of 18 Zil Qaddah 528 A.H. in the city of Baghdad Shareef. Another narration states that he was born on 14 Rajab 553 A.H. at the time of Asar. He is the fourth son of Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani (alaihir rahmah).Name: He was named Abdur Razzaaq, and was also known as Abu Bakr, Abul Farh, Abdur Rahmaan and was given the title of "Taaj-ud-Deen" or "Crown of Deen".

Education: Taaj-ud-Deen was endowed with knowledge by his great father, Sultaanul Awliya, Qutbul Aqtaab, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani (alaihir rahmah). He also took Bai'at (Oath of Allegiance) and received Khilafat (Spiritual Successorship) from his father. Almost his entire knowledge was gained at his father's feet. He also increased his knowledge by associating with learned scholars of his time. He used to listen to Ahadith from the Mashaa'ikhs and eventually compiled his own book of Ahadith.

General Achievements: Sayyiduna Sayyid Abdur Razzaaq (alaihir rahmah) is the eleventh Sheikh-e-Tareeqat of the Silsila Aaliya Qaadiriya Radawwiyah. He was a Hafiz-ul-Quran and Sheikh-ul-Hadith. Due to his immense knowledge, he attained the position of Mufti of Iraq. He held an extremely high status in respect to Islamic Jurisprudence. He was a very polite, hospitable and humble person. He was known for his gratefulness, patience, gratitude and excellent character. Piety and keeping silent were an integral part of his character. Besides attending the Jumma prayer and attending to special needs, he was never seen out of his house. Although he lived a life of poverty and hardship, he was noted for his generosity. He had great love and affection for his students. Sayyiduna Abdur Razzaaq (alaihir rahmah) was a follower of Sayyiduna Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (alaihir rahmah).

Piety: He feared Almighty Allah completely. He had the same features and qualities as his father. He was so modest and repentant that for three years he never looked up into the skies. This act was performed due to his fear for Almighty Allah.

Literature: His famous Kitaab, "Jalaa-ul-Khawaatir" is available. The majority of his works are not mentioned.

Children: He had 5 sons and 2 daughters: Sayyiduna Sheikh Abu Swaleh Nasr, Sayyiduna Sheikh Abul Qaasim Abdur Raheem, Sayyiduna Sheikh Abu Muhammad Ismail, Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Muhaasin Fazlullah, Sayyiduna Sheikh Jamaalullah, Sayyiduna Bibi Sa'aada and Sayyiduna Umme Muhammad (radi Allahu anhum ajma'in).

Demise: Sayyiduna Sayyid Abdur Razzaaq (alaihir rahmah) passed away on Friday, 6 Shawaal 623 A.H. His Janazah Salaah was performed at seven different places because of the large number of people. He was buried in the same area of his Imam, Sayyiduna Imam Ahmad bib Hambal (alaihir rahmah), in Baghdad Shareef.