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Hujjatul Islam, Maulana Haamid Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah) was born in 1875 (1292 A.H.). He is the eldest son of A'la Hadrat, Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah). The name given to him at birth was Muhammad. His alias was Haamid Raza Khan and he later earned the title of Hujjatul Islam (Proof of Islam).

He received his early education under the tutorship of his father A'la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah). By the age of 19, he completed his formal Islamic studies.

Due to his immense love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) he possesses encyclopedic knowledge. He was very proficient in both the Arabic and Persian languages. He was also an expert in the field Ahadith, Fiqh, Logistics, Philosophy, Mathematics, and numerous other fields.

Hadrat Haamid Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah) wrote and translated numerous books on a variety of subjects. Amongst his famous works were his compilation of "Risaal-e-Jaleela". He also translated A'la Hadrat's Arabic treatise, "Ad Daulatul Makkiya Bil Mad'datil Ghaibiya," which dealt with the subject of I'lm-e-Ghaib (Knowledge of the Unseen).

Hadrat Haamid Raza (alaihir rahmah) was also a great debater against the enemies of Islam. In one of his historical debates that took place in 1933, in which he was accompanied by Sadrul Afadhil Maulana Na'eemuddeen Muradabadi, Shah Sayed Ali Hussain Kichauchawi, Peer Sayed Sadru Deen and Maulana Muhammad Shareef Kotli, he refuted the corrupt beliefs of Ashraf Ali Thanwi. He was so proficient in the Arabic language that in one debate he he delivered a speech against the Wahabis in the Arabic language without using any alphabets with nuktas (dots)!

His rendered tremendous service towards the Deen of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Huzoor Haamid Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah) taught for many years at the Darul Uloom Manzare Islam, Bareilly Shareef, where thousands of students benefitted from his teachings.

Maulana Haamid Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah) had very beautiful physical attributes. His very physical appearance was enough to convince anyone that Hujjatul Islam was an Awliya Allah. His was a very kind and humble person. He was usually seen in the company of Sadrush Shariah, Allama Amjad Ali Khan and Sadrul Afazil Maulana Na'eemuddeen Muradabadi (radi Allahu anhuma). It is recorded that Hujjatul Islam applied the camphor on the Sajdah portions of A'la Hadrat's (alaihir rahmah) blessed body when he passed away.

He had thousands of Mureeds who served the Deen of Islam. His Khulafa were spread out internationally serving the Ummah. Amongst his Khulafa were Muhaddith-e-Azam Pakistan, Maulana Sardar Ahmed Qaderi; Hadrat Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hazaarwi; Hadrat Muffasir-e-Azam Hind Raza; Mufti Ijaaz Wali Khan (Sheikhul Fiqh Jamia Na'eemia) and Allama Abul Hasnaat Muhammad Ahmad Qaderi (radi Allahu anhumul ajma'een).

Hadrat Haamid Raza had two sons and four daughters. One of his prominent sons were Mufassir-e-Azam, Hadrat Maulana Ebrahim Raza Khan (alaihir rahmah), who is the father of Taajush Shariah, Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari Al Qaderi.

He passed away in 1945 (1362 A.H.) at the age of 70 in Bareilly Shareef. He is buried next to his blessed father, Sayyiduna A'la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah). Till this day, his lovers from throughout the world present themselves at his Mazaar during the Urs Shareef to pay homage and to gain blessings from this great Saint and Scholar of Islam.