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The author, Ghousul-Waqt Abul Fadl Shamsudeen Sayyid Ale' Ahmad Ach'che Mia Al-Husaini Al-Qaadiri Barkaati (alaihir rahmah) was born on 28 Ramadaan-ul-Mubarak 1160 A.H. in Marehra Shareef, U.P., India. He was the eldest son of Qutbush-Shaheer Asadul-Arifeen Sayyid Hamza Al-Husaini Al-Qaadiri Barkaati (alaihir rahmah). He is a direct descendent of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the 39th generation via the noble Zaidi Sa’daat chain. His ancestors migrated from Madina Munawwarah to Iraq because of political harassment. Later, they moved to the Indo-Pak sub-continent.  By Divine Command, the elders of the family were ordered to settle in Marehra, a small village in U.P., India.

His family genealogy is as follows: Sayyid Ale’Ahmed s/o Sayyid Hamza s/o Sayyid Ale'Muhammed s/o Saahibul Barakaat Sayyid Barkatullah s/o Khaja Sayyid Meer Owais s/o Khaja Sayyid Meer Abdul Jaleel s/o Qutbul-Aqtaab Khaja Sayyid Meer Abdul Waahid Bilgraami (author of the famous thesis on Tasawwuf, Sab'ah Sanabil Shareef) s/o Sayyid Ibraheem s/o Sayyid Qutbudeen (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Maha-Rooh (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Baddah (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Kamaal (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Qaasim (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Husein (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Naseer (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Husein (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Khaja Omar (alaihir rahmah) s/o  Khaja Sayyid Muhammad Sughra (alaihir rahmah) (Mureed and Khalifa of Qutbul-Aqtaab Khaja Qutbudeen Bakhtiyaar Kaaki Aw'shee alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Ali (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Husein (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Abul Farah Thaani (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Abul Firaas (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Abul Farah Waasti (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Da'ood (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Husein (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Yah'yah (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Zaid (3rd) (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Omar (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Zaid (2nd) (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Ali Iraqi (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Husein (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Ali (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Muhammad (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Esa (Al-Maroof-bi-Mo'timul-Ash'baal) (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyid Zaid Shaheed (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyiduna Imam Zainul'Aabideen (alaihir rahmah) s/o Sayyidush Shohadah Imam Husein Shaheed-e-Karbala (radi Allahu anhu) s/o Ameeril-Moh'mineen Sayyiduna Ali Al-Murtudah (radi Allahu anhu) h/o Khatoon-e-Jan'nat Sayyadah Faa'timatuz-Zah'ra (radi Allahu anha) d/o Imamul-Ambiyah wal Mursaleen Sayyiduna Muhammadur-Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).


Saahibul Barkaat Sayyiduna Khaja Barkatullah (alaihir rahmah) foretold to his son, Burhaanul-Muwah’hideen Sayyid Ale'Muhammed (alaihir rahmah), the following: “By the Grace of Almighty Allah I, in my fourth generation, I will be blessed with a son who will increase the spiritual glow of my family.” He then gave his son (Sayyid Ale'Muhammed) a special garb (Khir'qah) and ordered him to present it to the forthcoming child. When Sayyid Ale'Ahmed Ach'che Mia (alaihir rahmah) was born, his grandfather, Sayyid Ale'Muhammed (alaihir rahmah), performed the ritual of Bismillah Khaani. He placed the child on his lap and took a good look at him and said: “This is the very child whose birth was predicted by my father, Saahibul Barkaat (alaihir rahmah)” This prediction was of a Qutub three generations before the child’s birth. 


Ghousul-Waqt Sayyid Ale'Ahmed (alaihir rahmah) undertook his training of Shari'ah and Sulook under the able guidance of his father, Asadul-Arifeen Sayyidi Sha Hamza Al-Husaini Al-Qaadiri Barkaati (alaihir rahmah).  He received deeper mystical perfection in Alam-e-Baatin from Sultaanul Awlia Sayyiduna Ghousal A’zam Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani (alaihir rahmah). The sacred soul of the great Ghous (alaihir rahmah) guided him to perfection in Sulook. It is said that the physical out-looks of Sayyid Ale'Ahmed (alaihir rahmah) resembled Sayyiduna Ghousal A’zam (alaihir rahmah).

He studied medicine (Hikmat) from the celebrated physician, Hakeem Nasrullah, of his time. Hundreds of patients came to him for treatment. Being a great physician, he always prescribed simple medication for all sicknesses. It was mostly leaves from common trees. This simple medication cured all types of ailment. He did this to divert the attention of people from his mystical powers. He was an exceptionally humble person. In fact, it was not the medicine that cured the sick, but his blessed Du’as. He was gifted by Allah to cure the sick. This was one of his many Karamaat (Miracles).

Sheikhul-Muhaditheen Sha Abdul Azeez Muhaddith Dehlawi (alaihir rahmah), the son Sha Wali-ullah Muhaddith Dehlawi (alaihir rahmah), was his contemporary. The Muhaddith records excellent attributes to him in his famous "Malfozaat-e-Azeeziyyah". Refer to "Malfozaat-e-Azeeziyyah" for more details.


He was a very devout Sufi and performed some of the most strenuous and occult forms of devotion of Sulook. He was a master of the occult Zikr of Habse-Kabeer (to engross oneself so intensely in Zikrullah that the Saalik breathes only twice in 24 hours).

He also regularly practised Salaatul-Makoos. This entails hanging upside down in a well by ropes tied to one’s feet. In this awkward posture, the Masters perform Salaah. This form of Ibadah was a speciality of all the Mashaa'ikh of Khandaan-e-Barkaat. It is believed that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) also performed this occult Salaah.  He never missed his Tahajjud Salaah from the young age of ten.

All the articles of spiritual ethics mentioned in this Kitaab were actually his daily practices. Surely it is only a great Wali who can perform such strenuous forms of worship. He was certainly cherished by the Merciful Lord.


His biggest academic contribution was the compilation of a masterpiece entitled, "Ah'een-e-Ahmadi", in thirty-four bulky volumes. These unique volumes consisted of every science of knowledge known to man existing on earth. This alone will tell us of the fathoms of his comprehensive knowledge. His academic capabilities were indeed multi-faceted, this being is one of the many qualities of a Ghous. Ghousul-Waqt Sayyidi Abdul Azeez Dabbaagh Al-Magh’ribi (alaihir rahmah) states in "Ibreez Shareef" that Almighty Allah blesses a Ghous with complete knowledge of all the Shari'ahs of the Prophets. Hence, he was a Master of every known science of knowledge. This was certainly no ordinary knowledge but Ilme-Ladunni (Divinely Inspired Knowledge). Allah Bestows this form of blessed knowledge to one who is entrusted with the higher stations of Sainthood (i.e. Wilaayat-e-Kubra). Unfortunately, some of these valuable volumes were stolen, and some borrowed and never returned. The remaining volumes are preserved in a private family library at Marehra Shareef.

His other works are:

1. Bayaade Amal wa Mah'mool

2. Adaab-us-Salikeen

3. Mathnawi - Poetry in Tasawwuf

4. Dewaane Ash'aar  in the Persian language.        


There are many of his Karamaat recorded. Since this is only an introduction, we will only mention two of them.

Once a policeman suffering with leprosy visited him. Due to this disease, the man stood at a distance from the noble Sheikh. The noble Sheikh observed this and called the man closer to him. The man replied, “I am not fit to come any closer to you”. The Sheikh-e-Kaamil (alaihir rahmah) insisted that he come close and sit down. The man eventually came close and sat next to the distinguished Sheikh. The Wali of Allah placed his sacred hand on the white spots on the man's body and said: “I don't see anything here”. When the policeman looked at his body, he was amazed to see that all the white spots of leprosy had instantly vanished!

It is recorded in "Aa'thaar-e-Ahmedi" that once a young man came from Bukhara (Russia) to visit Sayyiduna Ach'che Mia (alaihir rahmah). He first went to the Musjid and offered Zohr Salaah. Thereafter, he humbled himself at the feet of the Grand Master and said: “O Khaja! I heard of you and travelled a long way to meet you. I am a very weak servant of Almighty Allah and do not possess the strength and courage to make strenuous Mujahidah.  I have come to you for Divine Blessings so that I may achieve this enormous gift without any effort and struggle". When he heard this, the spiritual Master smiled and said, “You wish to achieve such a great wealth in so little time”. One of the disciples who was present remarked, “Do you think that this is some type of sweet to be put into the mouth and eaten!” This remark displeased the Murshid-e-Kaamil (alaihir rahmah) so he reprimanded the disciple by saying, “Nothing is impossible for the Qudrat of Almighty Allah”. 

He then taught the young man a specific Durood Shareef (Salawaat alan Nabi) with necessary instructions and ordered him to recite it at night. That night the Mureed complied with all instructions and began the recital in seclusion.  Suddenly, he experienced a state of spiritual ecstasy. He was blessed with the Ziyarah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). This experience was not spiritual but physical. While he was engrossed in this sacred Ziyarah, his inner-self (Baatin) was illuminated by Divine Lustres. 

Early the next morning, he rushed to the Murshid-e-Kaamil and cried, "Subhan-Allah! Last night I met Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) who said to me, ‘In every century there will be a person in my Ummah who will revive my Deen’. Hence, O Master! Verily, you are that eminent personality in this century”. 

Just by the prescription of a single Durood Shareef and personal guidance, this Wali of Allah, in a short period of time, led a disciple to spiritual dimensions of perfection without lengthy Mujahidah.  It is said that Mujahidah is the most difficult field in the mystical path of Sulook.  According to the exalted Mystics and Grand Masters of Sulook, it takes a minimum of 80 consecutive years of undivided devotion to reach this stage.

But in this case the blessings of this august Wali of Allah condensed a long period of 80 years to less than 80 moments.  All Glory and Praises are due to Allah, Who Entrusted His intimate servants with such Divinely-blessed powers. Therefore, Allah states in a Hadith-e-Qudsi: "My confidants (Awliya) are concealed under my Divine Garb (Veil of Secrets) and no one knows them besides Me."


Ghousal-Waqt, Murshid-e-Kabeer (alaihir rahmah) was married and had one son and a daughter. The son passed away at a very young age.  He was a born Wali and whatever he said became a reality.  His daughter also passed away while she was an infant.


He had thousands of Mureeds and many Khulafa.  There were numerous Mureeds who lived at the Khanqah undertaking spiritual training of Sulook.  He also cared for hundreds of poor and destitute persons.  He personally bore part of these expenses and the rest was subsidised by the contribution of the then governing Mogul Kings.  All the Mogul Kings of his time paid great respect to him. 

Since he had no sons, he adopted his beloved nephew, Khatimul-Akaabir Sayyid Sha Ale' Rasool Ahmadi (alaihir rahmah) as his son.  Sayyiduna Ach'che Mia (alaihir rahmah) personally educated and perfected Sayyid Sha Ale'Rasool (alaihir rahmah) in the fields of Shari'ah, Tariqah, Marifah, and Haqiqah. After this perfection, Khatimul-Akaabir (alaihir rahmah) was then entrusted with the holy status of Qutbiyat. Sayyid Sha Ale'Ahmed (alaihir rahmah) was the 4th succeeding Qutub of the Barkaati Sufi order. Khatimul-Akaabir Sayyid Sha Ale-Rasool (alaihir rahmah) was his successor and the 5th Qutbul-Waqt.

Hence, Sayyid Sha Ale'Rasool Ahmadi (alaihir rahmah) succeeded the spiritual throne (Sajjada) after the demise of the Murshid-e-Kaamil. Khatimul-Akaabir t was the Peer-o-Murshid of Ala’ Hadrat, Imam Ahmad Raza Al-Qaadiri Barkaati (alaihir rahmah).  It was the Peer-o-Murshid that greatly influenced the life of this great Mujaddid. The blessings of the Sheikh-e-Kaamil led the Imam to the heights of excellence. When Ala'Hadrat (alaihir rahmah) was such a great multi-facet personality, then what is to be said about his Sheikh-e-Kaamil (alaihir rahmah) who led him to those stations of excellence?


Qutbul-Waqt, Taajul-Aarifeen Sayyid Sha Ale'Ahmad Ach'che Mia Husaini Al-Qaadiri Barkaati (alaihir rahmah) peacefully left this mundane world at the age of 75 in the morning of 25 Rabbi-ul-Awwal 1235 A.H..  He was put to rest on the right side next to his great grandfather, Qutbul Aqtaab, Saahibul-Barakaat Sayyiduna Sha Barkatullah Al-Qaadiri (alaihir rahmah).  Although the illustrious Ghous has physically departed from this material world, but the spiritual beams of Fuyood (guidance) and Barkaat (blessings) still manifests as a radiant beacon for Mureeds of the sanctified Qaadiriyyah Barkaatiyya Order. 

May Allah The Supreme, instil in our hearts the love and honour for all the Awliya-Allah and give us courage to follow the principles of mystical ethics laid down in this Kitaab.