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Hadrat Mohammed Ismail Cassim Pochee Qadri Sabri (alaihir rahmah) occupies a prominent place among the spiritual leaders of South Africa. In his temperament, as in the circumstances of his life, Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) was destined for an extra-ordinary character.

Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) was born in Verulam (Durban, South Africa) on the 3rd of Rajab in early 1880 A.D. His father, Cassim Pochee, came to South Africa in the early 1870's and was a great devotee of Hadrat Badsha Peer (alaihir rahmah). At first his parents settled in Newcastle and later moved to Charlestown at the request of Hadrat Badsha Peer (alaihir rahmah).

Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) was approximately 7 years old when he was embraced and blessed by Hadrat Badsha Peer (alaihir rahmah) who predicted that "this boy will be like me."

Hadrat Pochee Bawa's (alaihir rahmah) early education was acquired from his father and at a very young age he displayed a great interest in Sufism. Indeed, as predicted by Hadrat Badsha Peer (alaihir rahmah), Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) as a youngster showed characteristics of an ideal saint.

Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) was a Mureed and Khalifa of Hadrat Shah Mohammed Fazl Hassen (alaihir rahmah) in the Qadri Saberi Silsila of Rampur, India. Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) was also instrumental in guiding many people towards the Divine Path and gave advice to people on day-to-day matters.

Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) had an overwhelming love for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and the Ahle Bait (ridwanullahi ajma'in). He also had great love and respect for Huzoor Sayyiduna Ghous-ul-Azam (alaihir rahmah), Hadrat Zindaa Shah Madaar (alaihir rahmah) and particularly that of Hadrat Saabir Paak (alaihir rahmah).

Having fulfilled his mission as a true servant of Allah, Hadrat Pochee Bawa (alaihir rahmah) breathed his last on Thursday, 29th Ramadaan (April 1959) at the age of 75. He was buried on Eid Day, 1st Shawaal (6th April 1959) before Jummah Salaah.

A Mazaar has been recently erected over the tomb of the saint which has been attracting the multitude of Muslims and non-Muslims for Ziyarat daily as well as during his annual Ur's Shareef which has been in progress for the past 36 years.

His Mazaar Shareef is to be found in Charlestown Cemetery. To this day his immortal glory continues to inspire thousands of grieved hearts by his spiritual blessings. A monumental miracle for the world to experience and learn lessons of love and peace from such an exalted soul.