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1.1 Almighty Allah is the Creator

1.1.1 All things have a creator.
1.1.2 Almighty Allah is the Creator of all things.
1.1.3 Almighty Allah created the sun, the moon and the stars.
1.1.4 He made the earth and the sky.
1.1.5 Almighty Allah created the seas and the mountains.
1.1.6 He made the plants and the animals.
1.1.7 Almighty Allah created the fishes and the insects.
1.1.8 Almighty Allah also created the Angels (Malaa'ikah), the Jinns and human beings. 

1.2 Almighty Allah is the Helper

1.2.1 Almighty Allah Alone is the True Helper.
1.2.2 Almighty Allah is the Best of Helpers.
1.2.3 We worship only Almighty Allah.
1.2.4 We ask Almighty Allah for help.
1.2.5 If Almighty Allah wants to help us, nobody can defeat us.
1.2.6 We ask Almighty Allah's help by being patient.
1.2.7 We ask Almighty Allah's help through prayer.
1.2.8 If others help us, they are helping us through the Permission of Almighty Allah. 

1.3 Almighty Allah is the Protector

1.3.1 Almighty Allah Alone is the True Protector.
1.3.2 He is the Best of Protectors.
1.3.3 If Almighty Allah wishes to protect us, then nobody can harm us.
1.3.4 We must always seek Almighty Allah's protection from harm and from the Shaytaan.
1.3.5 Almighty Allah protects us in different ways.
1.3.6 We must always seek Almighty Allah's protection from evil. 

1.4 Almighty Allah is the Provider

1.4.1 Almighty Allah causes the rain to fall.
1.4.2 He causes plants and fruits to grow.
1.4.3 Almighty Allah created animals for us. The animals provide us with meat, warmth, transport and other benefits.
1.4.4 Almighty Allah provides food and drink for every living thing.
1.4.5 He created for us light and shade.
1.4.6 Almighty Allah gives us power, strength and advantages.
1.4.7 He created for us rest, joy and comfort.
1.4.8 Almighty Allah gave us hearing, sight and speech.
1.4.9 He is the Best of Providers for all His creation. 


2.1 I must be the first to greet.
2.2 If someone greets me, I must reply.
2.3 The young should greet the old first.
2.4 I must greet all Muslims with the proper Islamic greeting.
2.5 I must greet a Muslim even if I do not know that Muslim.
2.6 I must greet as much as possible.
2.7 When I enter a home I must greet everyone.
2.8 Greetings brings peace.
2.9 Greetings brings about love and unity among Muslims.
2.10 When we say "As Salaamu Alaikum" we are also making Dua for the other Muslim. 


3.1 I am a Muslim.
3.2 I must help all people.
3.3 I must help the poor and the needy.
3.4 I must help the weak.
3.5 I must help the sick.
3.6 I must help the old.
3.7 I must help those who are in trouble.
3.8 I must help those who are in difficulty.
3.9 I must help the orphans and the widows.
3.10 I must help the traveller.
3.11 Almighty Allah loves those who are helpful. 


4.1 I must not be rude.
4.2 I must not use bad languages at any time.
4.3 I must be polite and kind.
4.4 I must observe good manners when I eat.
4.5 I must speak kindly to people.
4.6 Almighty Allah wants us to speak kind and good words.
4.7 Bad feelings and fights can be caused if we are rude to others.
4.8 Kindness brings about peace and love.
4.9 Almighty Allah does not love those that are rude.
4.10 I must behave as a good Muslim should wherever I am. 


5.1 Before I go to sleep, I must close all the doors, cover all the utensils and put off the lights reading the "Bismillah" each time.
5.2 I must make Wudu (Ablution) before going to sleep.
5.3 I must dust the bed three (3) times.
5.4 While changing my clothes, I must read the "Bismillah."
5.5 I must read the "3 Quls" - Surah Ahad, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas, blow on my palms and rub my whole body three (3) times.
5.6 I must not sleep on my stomach.
5.7 I must sleep on my right-hand side and place my right palm under my right cheek.
5.8 I must read the Dua that I have learnt before sleeping.
5.9 If I awake because of a bad dream, I must read "A'oozobillah."
5.10 If I awake after a good dream, I must say "Alhamdulillah."
5.11 When I awake in the morning, I must read the Dua that I have learnt when awaking. 


6.1 I must keep my body and my clothes clean.
6.2 I must help to keep the house and toilet clean.
6.3 I must help to keep the garden and the yard clean.
6.4 I must throw dirt into the bin.
6.5 A dirty home breeds germs and causes sickness.
6.6 I must help keep the masjid, school and madressah clean.
6.7 I must not litter the grounds of the madressah and masjid.
6.8 I must not throw dirt in the streets.
6.9 I must help keep parks and public places clean.
6.10 I must not throw dirt from moving cars or buses.
6.10 Almighty Allah loves those who are clean. 


When you want to read the Holy Quran you must:
7.1 Make Wudu (Ablution).
7.2 Face the Qiblah and sit respectfully.
7.3 Do not face your back to the Holy Quran.
7.4 Do not sit in a place that is higher than the Holy Quran.
7.5 Never place anything on the Holy Quran.
7.6 Before you start to read the Holy Quran read the Durood Shareef 3 times.
7.7 Read the "A'oozobillah" and the "Bismillah."
7.8 Recite the Holy Quran in a sweet voice. Do not sing.
7.9 Honour and respect every word of the Holy Quran. Remember that Almighty Allah is Watching you. He will give you Thawaab (Reward) for every letter that you read.
7.10 Read every word by careful concentration. Pronounce each letter properly.
7.11 Take your time and read the Holy Quran. Do not rush through the Holy Quran.
7.12 It is Makrooh (a sin) to rush and read the Holy Quran.
7.13 Make it your habit to read the Holy Quran every morning.
7.14 When the Holy Quran is being read, listen carefully to it. It is Haraam to do anything else when the Holy Quran is being read.
7.15 Always handle the Holy Quran with utmost respect.
7.16 Do not keep your Holy Quran in your school bag and then keep your school bag on the floor.
7.17 Hold the Holy Quran with your right hand close to your chest. Do not hold it below your chest. 


8.1 Associating partners with Almighty Allah.
8.2 Disrespecting the Prophets (Ambiya) of Allah and the Awliya Allah (Saints of Allah).
8.3 Disobedience to parents.
8.4 Murder.
8.5 Taking the property of the orphans and the poor.
8.6 To back-bite and disgrace innocent people.
8.7 To break promises and tell lies.
8.8 To leave out the Faraa'id (Fard) actions.
8.9 To give or take bribery.
8.10 To call a Muslim a Kaafir and to call a Kaafir a Muslim.
8.11 To steal other people's property.
8.12 To give or take interest.
8.13 To rob others.
8.14 To gamble.
8.15 To behave like the non-believers or Kuffar.
8.16 To dance, sing and speak indecently.
8.17 To harm neighbours.
8.18 To have pride, anger and jealously.
8.19 To eat or drink Haraam things.
8.20 To deal in fortune-telling.
8.21 To see evil films and programmes on television and in the cinemas.
8.22 To visit sinful places such as the gambling houses, casinos, Night Clubs and Discotheques, Bars, race courses and restaurants were alcohol is served.
8.23 To attend shows of film-stars, dancing and singing.
8.24 To attend un-Islamic weddings and other functions where many un-Islamic practices take place.
8.25 To remove your clothes in front of any person and show parts of your body while you are changing at home, in school or in the public.
8.26 To keep pictures of film actors and actresses, pop stars, sports stars and singers is Haraam.